What is an interdiffusion coefficient?

The interdiffusion coefficient is usually a composition-dependent quantity. On the other hand, interdiffusion is due to the diffusive motion of A and B atoms, which in general have different intrinsic diffusion coef- ficients.

How can the inter diffusion coefficient be determined experimentally?

The interdiffusion coefficient for a series of alloys can be determined from a single diffusion couple experiment, as devised by Matano–Boltzmann.

What is inter diffusion?

Interdiffusion is a process of diffusional exchange of atoms across two materials that are in contact. This is driven by the chemical potential gradient across the boundaries. Interdiffusion is also observed in multilayers and nanocomposites materials due to the processing conditions.

How do you monitor self-diffusion?

Self-diffusion may be monitored by using radioactive isotopes of the metal being studied. The motion of these isotopic atoms may be monitored by measurement of radioactivity level.

What is the equation for diffusion?

The diffusion equation is a partial differential equation. In physics, it describes the behavior of the collective motion of micro-particles in a material resulting from the random movement of each micro-particle.

How to determine diffusion rate?

Diffusion Rate Example First, determine the diffusion rate of gas 1. Measure the rate of diffusion of gas 1. Next, determine the molar masses. Calculate the molar mass of both gas 1 and gas 2. Finally, calculate the diffusion rate. Plug the values into the formula above to calculate the diffusion rate of the second gas.

What is the self diffusion coefficient?

Self-diffusion. According to IUPAC definition, self-diffusion coefficient is the diffusion coefficient of species when the chemical potential gradient equals zero. It is linked to the diffusion coefficient by the equation: Here, is the activity of the species in the solution and is the concentration of .

What is the definition of diffusion coefficient?

Definition of diffusion coefficient.: the quantity of a substance that in diffusing from one region to another passes through each unit of cross section per unit of time when the volume-concentration gradient is unity-called also diffusivity.