What is Bassetlaw famous for?

Many regard Bassetlaw as the birthplace of the United States of America because in 1607 two of the original separatists, a Scrooby postmaster named William Brewster and a parson from Babworth called Richard Clyfton, joined dozens of other religious pilgrims to start a new life in Holland after signing the Mayflower …

What does Bassetlaw cover?

The district has four towns: Worksop, Tuxford, Harworth Bircotes and Retford. It is bounded to the north by the Metropolitan Boroughs of Doncaster and Rotherham, the east by West Lindsey, the west by both the Borough of Chesterfield and North East Derbyshire and the south by Mansfield District and Newark and Sherwood .

Who runs Bassetlaw Council?

Bassetlaw District Council has been controlled by Labour for most of its existence, except for a brief period from 2006 to 2011 when it was controlled by the Conservatives. Bassetlaw District Council held local elections on 2 May 2019 along with other councils in England as part of the 2019 local elections.

What area does Bassetlaw cover?

246.3 mi²
Bassetlaw District/Area

Why is Worksop called Worksop?

Anglo-Saxon and Anglo-Norman history Worksop was part of what was called Bernetseatte (burnt lands) in Anglo-Saxon times. The name Worksop is likely of Anglo Saxon origin, deriving from a personal name ‘We(o)rc’ plus the Anglo-Saxon placename element ‘hop’ (valley).

What county is Bassetlaw?

Bassetlaw, district, administrative and historic county of Nottinghamshire, England. The district occupies the northern quarter of the county. Church of St. Swithun, East Retford, Bassetlaw, Nottinghamshire, England.

Which local authority is Bassetlaw in?

Bassetlaw District Council | Nottinghamshire County Council.

Is Worksop a mining town?

Worksop, town, Bassetlaw district, administrative and historic county of Nottinghamshire, northeast-central England. Granted a royal charter in 1296, Worksop became a centre of coal mining in the 19th century when the deep coal seams of the area began to be exploited.

Is Worksop classed as Sheffield?

It is located 19 miles (31 km) east-south-east of Sheffield, close to Nottinghamshire’s borders with South Yorkshire and Derbyshire, on the River Ryton and not far from the northern edge of Sherwood Forest….

Population 41,820
Demonym Worksopian
OS grid reference SK 58338 78967
District Bassetlaw

What council does Worksop come under?

Bassetlaw District Council
Homepage | Bassetlaw District Council.