What is ethylhexanol used for?

2-Ethyl hexanol is an 8-carbon higher alcohol species. It is used to make the vinyl chloride plasticizer, bis(2-ethyl hexyl) phthalate. It is also used to make 2-ethyl hexyl acrylate for adhesives and paints. Japan, Poisonous and Deleterious Substances Control Law: Not applicable.

How to make 2-ethylhexanol?

Industrial production 2-Ethylhexanol is produced industrially by the aldol condensation of n-butyraldehyde, followed by hydrogenation of the resulting hydroxyaldehyde. About 2,500,000 tons are prepared in this way annually.

Is 2-ethylhexanol toxic?

Acute toxicity Harmful if inhaled. May be harmful if swallowed.

How is ethylhexanol made?

2-Ethylhexanol is industrially produced by the aldol condensation of n-butyraldehyde, followed by hydrogenation of the resulting hydroxyaldehyde. The n-butyraldehyde is made by hydroformylation of propylene, either in a self-contained plant or as the first step in a fully integrated facility.

What is the boiling point of Nonanol?

280.4°F (138°C)
1-Pentanol/Boiling point

Is ethylhexyl an alcohol?

It is a branched, eight-carbon alcohol and is a colorless, clear liquid that is almost insoluble in water, but well soluble in organic solvents. It can easily be converted into esters that have diverse usage. Being a fatty alcohol, esters of 2-ethylhexanol tend to have emollient properties. …

What are oxo chemicals?

Oxo chemicals are intermediate and derivative chemical compounds which are characteristically used in chemical and manufacturing processes of paints, plasticizers, coatings, adhesives and lubricant additives.

Is 2-ethylhexanol flammable?

2-Ethylhexanol is a combustible and flammable liquid. In contact with strong oxidizers may cause fire.

Is pentanol drinkable?

The good thing is that if you were to swallow a little bit of pure pentanol, you’d probably be okay as pure pentanol is essentially non-toxic. But if there are impurities in it, it can be dangerous. Some other properties of pentanol include: A melting point of -79 degrees Celsius, which is -110.2 degrees Fahrenheit.

Where does benzyl alcohol come from?

Benzyl alcohol is produced naturally by many plants and is commonly found in fruits and teas. It is also found in a variety of essential oils including jasmine, hyacinth and ylang-ylang. It is also found in castoreum from the castor sacs of beavers. Benzyl esters also occur naturally.

What does 2-eh stand for?

2-ethylhexanol (2-EH) market is analysed and market size, volume information is provided by country, application & end user as referenced above.

What is the application of ii2-eh?

2-EH is used in a variety of applications such as plasticizers, acrylate, and nitrate. These chemicals are further employed in various industries including plastics, rubber, construction, automotive, pharmaceuticals, and personal care.

What is 2-ethylhexanol?

2-Ethylhexanol (abbreviated 2-EH) is a branched, eight-carbon chiral alcohol. It is a colorless liquid that is poorly soluble in water but soluble in most organic solvents. It is produced on a massive scale (>2,000,000,000 kg/y) for use in numerous applications such as solvents, flavors, and fragrances and especially as…

Will regulations on the use of 2-ethylhexanol hamper the market?

Thus, regulations on the use of 2-ethylhexanol may hamper the market within the forecast period. The 2-ethylhexanol market is expected to demonstrate substantial growth within the forecast period thanks largely to the promise shown by China – a country that is driving the demand not only in APAC but also worldwide.