What is the correct definition of abhor?

Definition of abhor transitive verb. : to regard with extreme repugnance : to feel hatred or loathing for : loathe abhorred violence. Other Words from abhor Synonyms & Antonyms Choose the Right Synonym Did you know? The Horror in Abhor More Example Sentences Learn More About abhor.

How do you use bombast in a sentence?

pompous or pretentious talk or writing.

  1. There was no bombast or conceit in his speech.
  2. His speech was full of bombast.
  3. I believe deeply in persuasion, not bluster and bombast.
  4. Hence the bombast in the tragedies, and the buffoonery and ribaldry in the comedies.

Can you abhor a person?

To regard with horror or loathing; detest. The definition of abhor is to really hate something or someone.

What’s a worse word than hate?

There are many words stronger than ‘hate’ Check the following list : loath, detest, disgust. abhor, abominate, despise. execrable, repulsive, nauseous, sickening, despicable. revulsion, odious, obnoxious, detestable, obscene, hideous.

What word is stronger than love?

1. Devotion – I am devoted to you. This goes beyond simply loving someone and shows that you are giving your all to this person. It suggests a long-term feeling and shows that you’re invested in your relationship, whether it’s with a partner or family member – or even friend.

What is a stronger word for despise?

detest, hate, loathe, abhor, abominate, execrate, regard with contempt, feel contempt for, shrink from, be repelled by, not be able to bear, not be able to stand, not be able to stomach, find intolerable, deplore, dislike.

What is the verb for abhor?

verb (used with object), ab·horred, ab·hor·ring. to regard with extreme repugnance or aversion; detest utterly; loathe; abominate. OTHER WORDS FOR abhor

What is abhorabhor?

Abhor means “to loathe” or “to hate,” and while loathe and hate have roots in Old English, abhor derives from Latin.

What is an example of abhorrence?

The definition of abhor is to really hate something or someone. An example of abhor is an animal right’s activists feelings about hunting. To shrink from in disgust, hatred, etc.; detest.

How does the verb abhor contrast with its synonyms?

How does the verb abhor contrast with its synonyms? Some common synonyms of abhor are abominate, detest, hate, and loathe. While all these words mean “to feel strong aversion or intense dislike for,” abhor implies a deep often shuddering repugnance.