What is the population of Liechtenstein 2021?

38.2 thousand
As of 2021, the population of Liechtenstein is projected at 38.2 thousand, down by 0.31% compared with 38.1 in 2020. Liechtenstein is ranked 217th in terms of population and 177th in terms of population growth rate. 5.63 thousand people are living in urban areas, which is 14.47% of Liechtenstein population.

Is Liechtenstein the smallest country in the world?

The fourth-smallest state in Europe lies in the centre of the Alps, between Switzerland and Austria. Liechtenstein is the sixth-smallest country in the world.

Is Liechtenstein underpopulated?

Liechtenstein One of only two official ‘doubly-landlocked’ countries in the world (the other is Uzbekistan), Liechtenstein has a slightly higher population than Monaco, and the pair often switch positions as more or less populated.

Is Liechtenstein bigger than Rhode Island?

Liechtenstein is 0.05 times as big as Rhode Island (US) It is Europe’s fourth-smallest country, with an area of just over 160 square kilometres (62 square miles) and a population of 38,749. It is also the smallest country to border two countries.

Why is Liechtenstein not part of Switzerland?

In short, due to swiss long history and strict neutrality, Liechtenstein would not join the confederation as they already share the same swiss frank currency besides having free trade agreement and similiar foreign policy with the swiss.

Who owns Liechtenstein?

On August 15, 2003, Hans-Adam announced he would step down in one year and hand over the reins to his son Alois. In August 2004, Prince Hans-Adam handed over the practical running of the principality to his son, Crown Prince Alois, although still remaining official head of state.

Can you rent out Liechtenstein?

In 2010, the principality of Liechtenstein made the decision to market itself to private clients who may want to rent a country, starting at $70,000 USD per night. Renting out the country allows for complete customization.

What is Liechtenstein’s major ethnic groups?

Its population is primarily ethnic Alemannic, although a third of its resident population are foreign nationals, primarily German speakers from the Federal Republic of Germany, Austria, and the Swiss Confederation, other Swiss, Italians, and Turks.

Is Liechtenstein a real country?

VADUZ , LIECHTENSTEIN–Yes, the Principality of Liechtenstein is a real country. A really odd country, granted, but a sovereign nation nonetheless. With a population of about 35,000, spread out over 160 square kilometres, it has everything its neighbour Switzerland has, but in miniature.

What religion is Liechtenstein?

The religion in Liechtenstein is predominantly Catholic, with a minority of Protestants, non-adherents, and adherents of other religions.

How far is Liechtenstein from Lucerne?

Route Map from Lucerne, Switzerland to Liechtenstein. Optimal route map between Lucerne, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. This route will be about 89 Miles. The driving route information(distance, estimated time, directions), flight route, traffic information and print the map features are placed on the top right corner of the map.