What is Uriniferous tubule and how does it function?

The structural and functional unit of the kidney is the uriniferous tubule, commonly known as the kidney tubule. It receives impure blood from the renal artery and excretes wastes as urine. It also gives a wider surface area for salt and water reabsorption.

What are the parts of Uriniferous tubule?

The uriniferous tubule is divided into the proximal tubule, the intermediate (thin) tubule, the distal tubule and the collecting duct.

How does the tubule work?

The function of the proximal tubule is essentially reabsorption of filtrate in accordance with the needs of homeostasis (equilibrium), whereas the distal part of the nephron and collecting duct are mainly concerned with the detailed regulation of water, electrolyte, and hydrogen-ion balance.

What is the main driving force behind glomerular filtration?

The main driving force for filtration is the hydrostatic pressure of the blood. The Starlings forces in renal glomerular capillaries are slightly different from those elsewhere in the body.

What is Uriniferous tubule?

Medical Definition of uriniferous tubule : a tubule (as a convoluted tubule) of the kidney that collects or conducts urine.

Is Uriniferous tubule nephron?

A kidney consists of a large number of uriniferous tubules (also known as nephrons, or kidney tubules). There are tubules of tiny minutes found in the kidneys. It includes the proximal tube, the loop of Henle, the distal tube, and the collecting duct.

How many trips does the glomerular filtrate?

Kidney Function and Physiology Kidneys filter blood in a three-step process. First, the nephrons filter blood that runs through the capillary network in the glomerulus.

Which drugs Cannot be filtered through glomerulus?

Which drugs cannot be filtered through glomerulus? Explanation: Drugs that are bound to plasma behave as macromolecules don’t get filtered through the glomerulus. Unbound free drug which are less than 300 Dalton get filtered by the glomerulus. 12.

What is the other name of Uriniferous tubule?

•nephron (noun) nephron.

What are the different parts of the uriniferous tubule?

To read the full-text of this research, you can request a copy directly from the authors. The uriniferous tubule is divided into the proximal tubule, the intermediate (thin) tubule, the distal tubule and the collecting duct.

What is ururiniferous tubule?

uriniferous tubule. the coiled tube that leads from the BOWMAN’S CAPSULE of the vertebrate kidney to the collecting tubes which convey urine to the ureter.

What is the function of uriniferous tubules in human body?

Their function is to filter the blood and separate the liquid part from the blood. The reabsorption of water is also carried out in the uriniferous tubule. Was this answer helpful?

What is a collecting tubule in kidney?

collecting tubule. One of the small ducts that receive urine from several renal tubules, which join together to provide a passage for the urine to larger straight collecting tubules (papillary ducts of Bellini) that open into the pelvis of the kidney.