What type of military did Greece have?

Hellenic Armed Forces
Founded 1828
Current form 1975
Service branches Hellenic Army Hellenic Navy Hellenic Air Force
Headquarters Athens, Greece

How big was the ancient Greek army?

Hellenic Army
Size in peacetime: 250,000 personnel wartime strength: 850,000+
Part of Hellenic Armed Forces
Formations Formations of the Hellenic Army
Patron Saint George

How many wars did Ancient Greece fight in?

5th century BC

War Start of the war Name of conflict
Greco-Persian Wars/ Persian Wars 499 BCE Delian League against Persian Empire (Wars of the Delian League)
Greco-Persian Wars/ Persian Wars 499 BCE
First Sicilian War
Second Sicilian War

What were ancient Greek warriors called?

Ancient Greek soldiers were called hoplites. Hoplites had to provide their own armor, so only wealthier Greeks could be one. They had an attendant, either a slave or a poorer citizen, to help carry their equipment.

What was military like in Ancient Greece?

The Spartans’ constant military drilling and discipline made them skilled at the ancient Greek style of fighting in a phalanx formation. In the phalanx, the army worked as a unit in a close, deep formation, and made coordinated mass maneuvers. No one soldier was considered superior to another.

Does Greece have special forces?

With less than 100 special operators in total, the ETA is one of the smallest special-operations units in the Greek military. The ETA can operate in all war-fighting domains, including land, sea, and air, and even though it’s part of the Hellenic Army, it has an amphibious capability.

What gun does the Greek army use?


Weapon Origin Cartridge
Machine guns
FN Minimi Belgium Greece 5.56mm NATO
HK11 A1 West Germany Greece 7.62×51mm NATO
FN MAG Belgium 7.62×51mm NATO

Did Greece fight in ww2?

The military history of Greece during World War II began on 28 October 1940, when the Italian Army invaded from Albania, beginning the Greco-Italian War. The exiled Greek government also formed armed forces of its own, which served and fought alongside the British in the Middle East, North Africa, and Italy.

Did ancient Greece have an army?

The backbone of the Greek army was the ‘hoplite’. He was a foot soldier, who fought with a long spear and used a large round shield for protection. In battle, hoplites fought as a team. The Greeks had archers and cavalry too, but it was the phalanx that won many famous battles.

How was the military in Ancient Greece?

How did the Greeks train their army?

Each soldier went through a rigorous boot camp training. Spartan men were expected to train as soldiers and fight until they were sixty years old. Living along the coast of the Aegean Sea, the Greeks became experts at building ships.

What did soldiers in Ancient Greece wear?

His uniform was a linen shirt with metal armour plates on the shoulders. A bronze breastplate covered his chest and stomach, and greaves (shin guards) covered his legs. On his head he wore a bronze helmet with a tall crest. He carried a shield, an iron-tipped spear, and a short sword for use in close combat.

What did the military wear in ancient Greece?

A rectangle, woolen, blanket-sized robe that men wore was called chlamys . It was a typical Greek military attire and when it was not used as a robe it was wrapped around the arm and used as a light shield in combat. During winter, Ancient Greeks wore the himation -a larger cloak worn over the peplos or chlamys.

What were the military techniques of ancient Greece?

The ancient Greek city-states developed a military formation called the phalanx, which were rows of shoulder-to-shoulder hoplites armed with spears that were pointed at the enemy, so that enemies would have to face rows of spears and shields. The phalanx was the core of ancient Greek militaries.

What type of Army did ancient Greece have?

Ancient Greece developed a military formation called the phalanx, which were rows of shoulder-to-shoulder hoplites armed with spears that were pointed at the enemy, so that enemies would be facing rows of spears and shields. The phalanx was the main part of ancient Greek military.

What was the military power in ancient Greece?

The military of ancient Athens was composed by its own citizens. We can distinguish the land army into 3 main forces; The hoplites , the cavalry and the skirmishers. The hoplites were the main decisive force in each and every battle that took place from the archaic period (~700 BC) to hellenistic period (~250 BC) between greek participants.