What was the number one song in April 1963?

List of Cash Box Top 100 number-one singles of 1963

Issue Date Song Artist
April 13 He’s So Fine The Chiffons
April 20
April 27 Can’t Get Used to Losing You Andy Williams
May 4 I Will Follow Him Little Peggy March

What was the #1 hit song in 1963?

Sugar Shack
Later list

No. Title Artist(s)
1 “Sugar Shack” Jimmy Gilmer and the Fireballs
2 “Surfin’ U.S.A.” The Beach Boys
3 “The End of the World” Skeeter Davis
4 “Rhythm of the Rain” The Cascades

What was the number one song April 26 1969?

List of Billboard Hot 100 number ones of 1969

No. Issue date Song
213 April 5 “Dizzy”
214 April 12 “Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In”
April 19
April 26

What was the number one song April 26 1965?

The number one song in the week of April 26, 1965 was Mrs. Brown You’ve Got A Lovely Daughter by Herman’s Hermits in US and Ticket To Ride by The Beatles in UK.

What was the number one rock and roll song in 1963?

1 song, “Sugar Shack” by Jimmy Gilmer and The Fireballs….

Billboard Top Rock’n’Roll Hits: 1963
Genre Pop, Rock
Length 24:21 (original 1988 release) 23:59 (1993 re-release)
Label Rhino Records

What was the number one song on July 26 1963?

What was the number one song in July 26, 1963? The number one song in the week of July 26, 1963 was Surf City by Jan & Dean in US and Confessin’ by Frank Ifield in UK.

What were the top 20 songs in 1963?

Top 100 Hits of 1963/Top 100 Songs of 1963

  • Sugar Shack – Jimmy Gilmer and The Fireballs.
  • Surfin’ U.S.A. – The Beach Boys.
  • The End of the World – Skeeter Davis.
  • Rhythm of the Rain – The Cascades.
  • He’s So Fine – The Chiffons.
  • Blue Velvet – Bobby Vinton.
  • Hey Paula – Paul and Paula.
  • Fingertips, Pt. 2 – Little Stevie Wonder.

What was the number 7 song in 1963?

Summer Holiday was the #7 song in 1963 in the Pop charts.

What was the number one song on June 26 1969?

In that special week of June people in US were listening to Love Theme From Romeo & Juliet by Henry Mancini, His Orchestra And Chorus. In UK The Ballad Of John And Yoko by The Beatles was in the top 5 hits.

What was No 1 in April 1965?

Click on a Song Title to view full details of any song from the UK 1965 singles chart….UK Number Ones in 1965.

Artist The Beatles
Song Title Ticket To Ride
Weeks at Number One 3
Date 20-04-1965

What was No 1 song in 1965?

Billboard Year-End Hot 100 singles of 1965

No. Title Artist(s)
1 “Wooly Bully” Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs
2 “I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch)” Four Tops
3 “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” The Rolling Stones
4 “You Were on My Mind” We Five