Where are shibumi oysters from?

southern Puget Sound
Shibumi oysters are grown in Eld Inlet, in southern Puget Sound. It is 2½ inches with a smooth brown, purple, and white-striped shell. This tide-tumbled oyster is deeply cupped with incredibly clean and succulent meat.

Are there oysters in Puget Sound?

There are at least 17 varieties of oysters available in the South Puget Sound oyster appellation of Washington State. This region covers the Puget Sound area from Port Townsend to Bellingham, WA. South Puget Sound oysters are from the most northern region of Washington State.

When should I buy fresh oysters?

Perhaps the best reason to only buy oysters during the fall, winter, and spring—the “r” months—is related to the creature’s reproductive cycle. Oysters spawn in the warm summer months, usually May through August, although in the Gulf of Mexico, oysters spawn year-round because of the warm water.

Where are pink moon oysters from?

Prince Edward Island
Pink Moon oysters are harvested in Prince Edward Island from one of the most northern stocks of oysters in North America. They are cocktail size (2½ -3 inches) oysters that have a wonderful salty taste, clean flavor and a sweet finish.

Where are Kusshi oysters from?

British Columbia
Kusshi oysters are raised in Deep Bay off the eastern coast of Vancouver Island. Deep Bay is in Baynes Sound, British Columbia, Canada. Kusshi oysters are raised in a unique manner which ensures that the oyster maximizes its energy for meat production instead of promoting shell growth.

What oysters are native to Washington state?

The Olympia oyster (Ostrea lurida Carpenter 1864) is Washington’s only native oyster. It currently exists throughout almost the entirety of its historic (circa 1850) range in Puget Sound, but its overall overall abundance has diminished since that time.

What state has the best tasting oysters?

Salty and rich, Alabama oysters are among the most beloved in the country. In fact, the state was once the number one oyster producer in America.

Does Kroger sell oysters in the shell?

Live Oysters in Shell, Lb – Kroger.