Who owns DB Schenker?

Deutsche Bahn
DB Schenker/Parent organizations

In 2003, Schenker became a wholly owned subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn, when DB acquired Stinnes AG. On 31 January 2006, DB Logistics acquired BAX Global for $1.1 billion and is currently being merged country by country with Schenker.

What are the type of company types of logistics used by DB Schenker company?


  • Land Transport.
  • Air Freight.
  • Ocean Freight.
  • Contract Logistics.
  • Special Products.

Where is DB Schenker from?

DB Schenker

Type Logistics, freight transport
Predecessor Schenker Stinnes Logistics
Headquarters Essen , Germany
Area served Worldwide

Do DB Schenker hire felons?

No. They do not hire felons.

How many warehouses does DB Schenker have?

Contract Logistics/SCM DB Schenker is a global leader in contract logistics. We have almost 24,500…at nearly 750 locations, and warehouse space totaling more than 8 million square meters across over 50 countries on all continents.

What kind of freight does DB Schenker ship?

Ocean Freight. DB Schenker’s ocean freight ships more than 5,500 containers a day to ports all around the world, making us a top forwarder for your ocean freight shipments. Contract Logistics. DB Schenker is one of the leading and fastest growing global logistics service providers.

Who is DB Schenker?

DB Schenker is one of the leading providers of Road and multimodal transportation in the world. Since 1872, when Gottfried Schenker commenced his business with a single truck until today, with over 140 years of delivering logistics solutions, DB Schenker leads in providing reliable transportation services.

Why choose DBDB Schenker’s lead logistics?

DB Schenker’s Lead Logistics products mean your supply chain is optimized with the best service providers from start to finish. As businesses become increasingly complex, you need a supply chain partner who can meet the individual needs of your business.

What is eschenker?

eSchenker: It’s so easy. eSchenker is our most advanced logistic solution yet. It incorporates all eServices into one portal, giving you maximum support at every stage of your supply chain. From tracking and scheduling to booking and reporting, eSchenker has your logistics covered.