Who won the Tri Nations?

New Zealand
Tri-Nations (1996–2011; 2020)

Year Champions WS
2009 South Africa Australia
2010 New Zealand South Africa
2011 Australia South Africa
2020 New Zealand Australia

Is there a Tri Nations final?

The 2020 Tri Nations Series was the seventeenth edition of the annual southern hemisphere competition, involving Argentina, Australia and New Zealand….2020 Tri Nations Series.

Tournament details
Date 31 October – 5 December 2020
Countries Argentina Australia New Zealand
Final positions
Champions New Zealand (17th title)

Is the Bledisloe Cup part of the Tri Nations?

Since 1996, the cup has been contested as part of the annual Tri Nations tournament.

How many Tri Nations has Australia won?

Including Tri-Nations (In 2006; 2008-2010; 2012 a six match competition)

Most Wins in a Series
6 New Zealand (2010, 2012, 2013)
6 Australia (2008-2009)
5 South Africa (2003-2004; 2005-2006)
5 Australia (2004-2005)

What time is the All Black game in Perth?

The third Bledisloe between the Wallabies and All Blacks in Perth will start at 4:00 pm AEST on Sunday (2:00 pm local time). Meanwhile, coverage will be ad-free and continue throughout the game on Stan Sport.

When was last 4 nations Rugby?


Year Host(s) Fourth nation
2010 Australia New Zealand Papua New Guinea
2011 England Wales Wales
2014 Australia New Zealand Samoa
2016 England Scotland

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