Why did the Hockey Night in Canada song change?

CBC’s rights to use the song expired following last week’s Stanley Cup final. “I am very moved by how so many Canadians have taken the hockey theme to heart,” Claman, who now lives in England, said in a release. “Throughout our negotiations, CTV displayed a tremendous amount of respect for my family and the song.”

When did hockey night start in Canada?


Hockey Night in Canada
Original release Radio: November 12, 1931–May 16, 1976 Television: October 11, 1952–present
Followed by NHL on Sportsnet (national over-the-air broadcaster through sublicensing)
Related shows NHL on Sportsnet NHL on ABC (U.S. over-the-air broadcaster)

Where is Dave Hodge now?

Hodge joined TSN in 1992 and hosted TSN Inside Sports and its spinoff, That’s Hockey. He also co-hosted the 1998 NHL Entry Draft. Hodge hosted a Sunday morning show called The Reporters from 2002 until its cancellation in 2017. He currently provides commentary for TSN’s NHL coverage.

Who sang the hockey song?

Stompin’ Tom Connors
The Hockey Song/Artists

Who founded Hockey Night in Canada?

Radio Origins: General Motors Hockey Broadcast (1931–52) On 16 February 1923, Foster Hewitt, the son of Toronto Star sports editor W.E. Hewitt, made his broadcast debut for CFCA. Hewitt called a senior amateur hockey game between the Toronto Argonauts (not the CFL football team) and the Kitchener Greenshirts.

Who owns the old Hockey Night in Canada song?

Dolores Claman
Music agency sold licensing rights for beloved track to CTV in 2008. Dolores Claman, the woman behind the catchy tune that used to introduce CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada broadcasts, has died at 94.

Who wrote the new Hockey Night in Canada song?

Dolores Claman composed the Hockey Night in Canada theme that has drawn millions to the TV set going on seven decades.

What is the history of Hockey Night in Canada?

While the name has been used for all NHL broadcasts on CBC Television (regardless of the time of day), Hockey Night in Canada is primarily associated with its Saturday night NHL broadcasts, a practice originating from Saturday NHL broadcasts that began in 1931 on the CNR Radio network and continued on its successors,…

Is the CBC-Hockey Night in Canada deal good for Canada?

Lacroix believed the deal “is the right outcome for Canadian hockey fans”, as it allows Hockey Night in Canada to remain on CBC and be made available to a wider audience and at a low cost to the broadcaster, especially in the lead-up to the 2015 Pan-American Games and 2016 Summer Olympics, whose broadcast rights are owned by the CBC.

Who owns the Hockey Night in Canada brand?

The Hockey Night in Canada brand is owned by the CBC and was exclusively used by CBC Sports through the end of the 2013–14 NHL season.

Who composed the theme song to Hockey Night in Canada?

It was arranged and orchestrated by John Herberman, and recorded in Toronto with a 50-piece orchestra. Herberman also created an extensive library of new stings and bumpers derived from the main theme. Hockey Night in Canada has received 4 Gemini Awards out of 6 nominations most notably for Ron MacLean.