Are Kiesel custom guitars good?

Yes they are worth the money and the wait. You can order exactly what you want, and the quality and play-ability is top notch. Unfortunately they creep up in cost with all of the extras, but they are worth it in quality and the ability to choose the exact color and pickups and hardware.

Is Kiesel better than Carvin?

Re: Carvin vs. Kiesel: What’s the Difference? Kiesel is more open, more flexible, and seems to be releasing something cool and new every other week. Carvin let their line languish, said no to most things, and had absolutely no appetite for risk, i.e. headless ERGs.

Is Kiesel Guitars still in business?

Kiesel Company closed and Carvin was formed. Without selling restrictions, the same company under a different name could further operate. The product line expanded into instruments of all sorts including double and triple-neck lap steel guitars, electric mandolins, and an electric guitar.

How much does a custom Kiesel guitar cost?

Pricing starts at $1,249 and a vast range of special options are available. For a limited time, Kiesel Guitars is offering special introductory pricing on the Type-X Series, so you’ll get an extra $100 off when you order your new guitar.

Do they still make Carvin guitars?

In 2015, Carvin Corporation split off the guitar business to a new company, Kiesel Guitars, which continues to build electric and acoustic guitars, MIDI synth guitars, bass guitars and other instruments under the Carvin Guitars brand as well as new, Kiesel branded instruments.

Are Kiesels good?

They are high-quality, USA-built instruments, custom made for a great price. So what could be the downside? Well, there are a few, and they may or may not be a big deal to you. For one, even though Carvin has an outstanding return policy, you can’t go and try their guitars and amps before you purchase.

When did Carvin go out of business?

In October 2017, Carvin Audio announced that their California factory would be closing its doors after over 70 years. On January 23, 2018, Carvin Amps and Audio announced the relaunch of their website.

Who owns Carvin?

Kiesel Family
Carvin Audio continues our 75-year legacy by providing great sounding gear for musicians and sound professionals worldwide. The company is still owned and operated by the Kiesel Family.

How much does a Kiesel guitar cost?

What are Carvin Guitars called now?