An essay as a type of academic work allows a student to fully express his thoughts, reflect personal considerations and ideas about the surrounding atmosphere – even if its source is someone else’s scientific work and not the student’s own experience. This is nice when the student likes the theme given by the teacher, but it happens not always.

Every student today receives a task to write an essay paper. Often this causes him difficulties and a number of questions, and as a result, he turns to the services that write essays for money. However, don’t do this, this task will be able to cope with any student if he follows certain rules of its successful writing.

Compliance with the features of the genre

When writing an essay paper, you need to know and take into account the differences from other types of academic work:

  • the considered aspects are topical, that is, relevant in a certain situation at the moment;
  • the presented information should clearly show the author’s attitude to the described phenomenon or subject;
  • from a single specific aspect of the author of the essay paper goes to the general analytical reflections on the topic;
  • short on volume. There are no clearly established guidelines about the volume of the essay, but it is generally accepted that the size of the essay paper is 2-10 pages of text;
  • attention is paid to the consideration of one aspect, it is unacceptable to argue on several topics in one essay paper;
  • essay paper should be bright, able to surprise the reader. The first sentence should interest him and keep him in this state until the end;
  • information should be presented in an accessible form to the reader, avoid the use of terminology and scientific phrases;
  • building a dialogue with the reader by writing rhetorical questions, to which he in the process of reading the essay paper one way or another will want to give an answer, even if it will be radically different from the author’s opinion;
  • with the compositional freedom of the essay paper, it is necessary to monitor the semantic unity of the main ideas, the author’s point of view and the theme.

Possession of the subject

Taking into account the fact that a student writing an essay paper formulates and defends his point of view on a particular topic, he needs to understand that for its successful implementation must be well-versed and understand the issue.

In order to consistently present the material on the selected topic, the student must follow the next rules:

  • make a plan that is based on the main brief theses subordinated to the main topic of the essay paper. In the process of writing the work, it must be fully proved with the help of hard evidence;
  • writing an essay is a simple and freestyle, but at the same time, you need to write in such a way that the essay paper was taken seriously by the reader.

Compliance with the structural composition

Despite the fact that there is no strictly established structure of the essay paper, each student performing the task of writing it should include the following elements:

  • Introduction. This element is a formulation of the problem in such a way that the reader has read the essay paper to the end;
  • Main part. Here the student has consistently put forward the main points, formulate his opinion about it and proves his innocence by bringing arguments and counterarguments;
  • Conclusion. Summing the reader to the logical conclusion of the research done in the essay paper on a given topic, in conclusion, the student draws results and sums up the essay paper. The purpose of this structural element is to give the integrity and generality of all the information presented, to encourage the reader to think or, on the contrary, not to leave him no doubt about the veracity of the student’s judgments on the issue.