How big does Dianella get?

Dianella tasmanica ‘Variegata’

Botanical Pronunciation di-NEL-la tas-MAN-i-ca
Lore As a medicine for colds, the Ngarrindjeri, an aboriginal tribe of Tasmania chewed the root of Dianella.
Average Size at Maturity Moderate growing, grass-like foliage, reaches 42 in. tall, 12 in. wide.
Bloom Time Summer

Why is my Dianella turning brown?

➔ Sensitive to cold. Tips of leaves may turn brown if it is freezing or it may die. ➔ Overwatering or underwatering may cause leaf tips to turn brown.

Which Dianella are poisonous?

It is known that Dianella tasmanica and Dianella intermedia are known to be toxic and should not be consumed.

How do you take care of a Dianella plant?

Dianella tasmanica tolerates clay, sand and some water-logging but prefers well-drained soils. Prevent rapidly colonization of Dianella by watering infrequently. Once established, flax lily can be drought tolerant. To keep flax lily looking tidy, remove expired or tattered leaves throughout the growing season.

What can I plant with Dianella?

Try using them with complementary plants like blue fescue, Lily Turf, Lomandra, and Mondo Grass. For a natural and simple look, use them planted amongst large landscape boulders.

How do you prune dianella?

For Lomandra, Dianella, and most strappy leaf and grass plants in large scale plantings it is best to cut the plant back to no lower than 15 cm. This ensures the plant will survive. Avoid pruning in a drought, or in the middle of summer. Liriope can always be cut to the ground, preferably in winter.

Can you divide dianella?

Dianella tasmanica is a member of the lily family and spreads by rhizomes. The clumps are usually dug and divided in the spring but in your mild winter gardening zone, you can dig and divide now. Depending upon growing conditions and soil types, Dianella typically needs dividing every 2-3 years.

Which Dianella is edible?

Dianella longifolia (Pale Flax Lily) Clumping. Dark blue to purple berries are edible when ripe.

Can you split Dianella?

Can Dianella grow in full sun?

Dianella spreads by underground rhizomes, and is particularly encouraged to proliferate in full sun. Plant it in part shade or deep shade (or in a container) to control its growth. Depending on the variety, Dianella will thrive in USDA growing zones 7 to 11.

Will Dianella grow in shade?