How do you wash club towel gloves?

Hand or machine wash in cold water with mild detergent. This product is constructed of premium, non-abrasive microfiber strands that are super absorbent (holds 300% its weight in water) and virtually lint free.

What towels do golf pros use?

That distinction goes to the Club Glove Caddy Towel. These towels, which are featured on prominent players’ bags all over the PGA Tour, are tough enough to get any dirt or grime off your clubs but also gentle enough to be used to clean and polish glasses, plastic, chrome and other delicate surfaces without scratching.

What towel do caddies use?

There is no better towel in the game than Club Glove’s Tandem Microfiber — even Tour pros and caddies swear by it.”

Why are there holes in golf towels?

Rather than a hole for a clip like just about every other golf towel that has ever been created the Caddy Towel has a 8” slit right in the center of it. The idea behind this design is to allow you to easily fit it over one of your clubs for hanging and easy access each time you need to call on it.

Why is there a hole in the middle of a golf towel?

The hole in the middle helps it hang from a club in your bag so you do not lose it. Great towel especially for the price.

Why is there hole in middle of golf towel?

The waffle pattern on the towel is unique and does a great job of confining dirt. The Caddy Towel has an opening in the middle of the towel that can be used to drape the towel over a club so that it stays put in your bag without having to rely on a towel loop or any clips to keep it in place.

Why do golf towels have a slit?

Why do caddy towels have a hole?

Why is there a hole in a golf towel?

Where do you buy your golf towels?

This is sold at Dicks Sporting Goods and Golf Galaxy for half the price. The colors are not well represented as the gray looks blue. But worse, you’re paying double the cost for fast shipping that comes straight from Golf Galaxy or Dicks Sporting goods. 3 stars because of the color. The towel works great and cleans in the grooves of the clubs.

Do you use a towel to clean your clubs?

The towel works great and cleans in the grooves of the clubs. It does work better when the towel is a little damp. I ordered this towel in black, but the towel looks navy blue. Also attached is a picture of the “black” (navy) towel, and the “navy” (royal) blue towel.

Are limited edition USA towels in navy-red available?

Limited Edition USA Towels in Navy-Red are now available! Order now, while supplies last! *NOTE: For Diamond embroidery type your initials as you normally would and we will automatically place the initials in the order of as shown in the computer generated sample.