Is Meade telescope a good brand?

The Meade Instruments have been manufacturing the finest and exceptional telescopes for a very long time. It is one of the best refracting telescopes, among other Meade Instruments. It has a 102mm aperture, and you can easily observe divine celestial and terrestrial objects.

What is aperture on a telescope?

The aperture of a telescope is the diameter of the light collecting region, assuming that the light collecting region has a circular geometry . The larger the aperture, the more light the telescope can gather, and the fainter the limiting magnitude of the instrument.

Is Celestron or Meade better?

Meade and Celestron are both top brands in the telescope business. It does not seem Meade is any better or worse than Celestron as both make great products that can last a life time with proper care and use. However, Meade’s prices are much higher compared to Celestron, which may help you decide what brand to go for.

Can I see galaxies with a 70mm telescope?

Galaxies might be a little difficult with only a 70mm aperture, but you should be able to see stars and all the planets of the solar system other than Pluto given good observing conditions.

What does 70mm aperture mean?

The aperture in a telescope is the size of the frontal lens or mirror, the one that captures the light. In the case of 70mm telescopes, the “mm” stands for millimeters and is equivalent to 2.7 inches.

Is Meade Instruments going out of business?

Meade and its Chinese parent company, Ningbo Sunny, recently lost an antitrust lawsuit with a competitor. Iconic telescope maker Meade Instruments filed for bankruptcy protection last month after a years-long legal battle with a competitor.

Can you still buy Meade telescopes?

Meade is still selling products on its site as usual. In posts on Facebook, Meade Instruments stated, “We will continue to support our products, our customers, and our network of dealers throughout this process. Our customers will remain our highest priority.