The personal essay is a kind of essay, which characterizes the person from various sides:

  • description of his character, life views, and principles. Is a person calm or hot-tempered, sensitive or cold, responsive or closed? What is the standard of conduct for him, and what is unacceptable under any circumstances?
  • description of the conditions and circumstances of life. In what environment does the character live, who surrounds him?
  • his personal, psychological or social motives of actions and actions are revealed. How does a person interact with other people, what causes one or another of his actions?
  • thinking about his behavior, feelings, experiences. What is the character’s inner world? What makes him worry, pleases or wonder?

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Types of personal essay

The main objectives and goals of the personal essay is a verbal depiction and description of the person as a whole from a psychological and social point of view. This process is time-consuming and quite voluminous. Given the fact that the essay is short, it can be concluded that the process of describing a person in this genre is very difficult. This led to the emergence of various subspecies of the personal essay, which are written to describe one or another characteristic of the character.

There are the following types of a personal essay:

  1. Biographical personal essay.
  2. Personal-problem essay.
  3. Psychological personal essay.

Biographical personal essay

The description of a person when writing a biographical personal essay is based on the selection of the most significant and illustrative from the entire set of personal characteristics (psychological, behavioral, professional). With its help, a description of a person’s life and destiny, his professional and moral development takes place. The peculiarity of the biological personal essay is the description of a specific event in the life of the hero, the most striking and having a significant impact on his fate.

The process of writing a biographical personal essay is based on a series of interviews with the hero and his relatives, working with printed archival materials. Only after carrying out this work can build a concept of person and create a plot for writing an essay.

The main task of the biological personal essay is to show the character of the person. Describing the life of a hero, it is important to focus on how he behaves under the influence of various circumstances, what determines his choice, what kind of reaction causes everything happening around him.

Personal-problem essay

The personal-problem essay consists of a number of subspecies: sociological, philosophical, economic, and others. The subject of research when writing this type of essay becomes a specific problem that confronted society in a specific period and the contribution of the person to solve this problem. This is a kind of author’s monologue dedicated to the person and the situation in which he acts.

The author not only reveals the theme with the help of emotional and expressive means but also creates an image of the situation. In the foreground when writing a personal-problem essay is not a person, but a specific problem, the solution of which is working this person. The author conducts a direct dialogue with the reader, freely possessing knowledge on the history of the problem, statistics.

Psychological personal essay

The center of attention when writing a psychological personal essay becomes the totality of the hero’s reactions to the social environment, his interaction with the outside world. An important task facing the author is to identify the characteristics of the inner world of a person, his psycho-emotional state. To accomplish this task, it is necessary to analyze the actions of the hero, his spiritual needs, and attitudes towards others.