What are 527 Levi jeans?

A modern take on bootcut jeans, the 527™ Slim Bootcut has a slim fit through the thigh and a slightly slimmer bootcut leg opening. This pair has just the right amount of stretch for all-day comfort. Getting dressed shouldn’t feel like a moral dilemma.

How can I tell what color my Levis are?

You can see it on the small, white ‘wash & care’ labels sewn into each of our products. This version of the code should start with ‘PC9’, followed by 5 numbers, a dash, then 4 more numbers.

What is a Levi 517?

Made in 1969 to fit over boots, the 517™ Bootcut Jeans have been tried and true for generations. Cut to sit at the waist, slim through thigh with an authentic bootcut leg. They’re durable, comfortable and have always looked good.

What color is Levi’s native Cali?

The cali black is a deep dark blue and the black is regular black denim jeans.

What is the rise on Levis 527?

Levi 527 Jeans – Slim thigh with a standard boot cut leg opening. Fit is very similar to the 517 jeans….Levi’s 517 vs 527 Fit.

517 527
Sits Sits at Waist Below Waist
Fly Zip Zip
Front Rise 11″ 10.5″
Back Rise 13″ 14″

What does Levi’s WPL 423 mean?

The 1963/64 model featured “Made in U.S.A.” centered in the space between, and following models adopted “WPL 423” (Levi’s registration number) and “100% Cotton” to the left and right side (respectively) of “Made in U.S.A.”.

What number is Levi boot cut?

517™ Bootcut Men’s Jeans.

What are +Levi’s bootcut jeans?

A modern, slim fit bootcut jean. Wide leg opening to fit over boots. Made with +Levi’s Flex: Our most advanced stretch technology engineered to deliver maximum flex and optimum comfort.

Does Levi’s have a sizing problem?

That aside, Levi’s also has a sizing problem. There is a really helpful review that explains that the sizing is different depending on where the jeans were made, and the reviewer does a great job of explaining the differences. I ordered three different pairs of 32″ by 32″ jeans to test the review theory.

Are Levis jeans made in the same part of the world?

One can easily see that the second pair under the first if a full size larger in the waist and inseam. Also, the stitching and color is vastly different. Again, these are the same jeans made in the same part of the world. It’s outrageous to keep sending bad product back to Levis only to receive even worse product in exchange.

Are indigo black jeans the same as 527s?

I ordered three different pairs of 32″ by 32″ jeans to test the review theory. Two came from one country and the third from another. The two from one country (Native Cali and Indigo Black) both fit perfectly and were exactly the same as my favorite pair of 527s from back in the day.