What are HMEC cells?

Lonza’s Human Mammary Epithelial Cells (HMEC) are isolated from adult female breast tissue. The cells have been primarily utilized to understand the formation of breast cancer.

What are Hmler cells?

HMLER cells are derived from normal mammary epithelial cells from a healthy individual (HMEC) and immortalized and transformed by transduction with hTERT, SV40LT and RAS oncogenes (Elenbaas et al., 2001).

What type of cells are mammary cells?

Cell types of the mammary gland and their specification. As with most glandular tissues, the adult mammary gland is composed of multiple cell types, including epithelial, adipose, fibroblasts, immune, lymphatic and vascular cells, that work together to sculpt and maintain a functional organ.

What is Huvec cell line?

Human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVECs) are cells derived from the endothelium of veins from the umbilical cord. They are used due to their low cost, and simple techniques for isolating them from umbilical cords, which are normally resected after childbirth.

What is mcf7 cell line?

MCF-7 is a human breast cancer cell line with estrogen, progesterone and glucocorticoid receptors [26]. It is derived from the pleural effusion of a 69-year-old Caucasian metastatic breast cancer (adenocarcinoma) in 1970 by Dr Soule of the Michigan Cancer Foundation, Detroit, MI [27].

What does the lactiferous duct do?

A lactiferous duct collects the milk from the lobules within each lobe and carries it to the nipple. Just before the nipple, the lactiferous duct enlarges to form a lactiferous sinus (ampulla), which serves as a reservoir for milk.

Why are HUVEC cells used?

(HUVEC) are isolated from the vein of the umbilical cord and are commonly used for physiological and pharmacological investigations, such as macromolecule transport, blood coagulation, angiogenesis, and fibrinolysis.

What is ATATCC?

ATCC genetically modified human primary cells so they exhibit the growth characteristics of a continuous cell line with extended proliferative capacity yet maintain the physiology of a primary cell.

Can cancer stem cells be produced from hmler cells?

The Weinberg’s group showed that HMLER cells (HMECs overexpressing hTERT, SV40 T/t and H-RasV12) were tumorigenic when injected subcutaneously or into the mammary glands of immunocompromised mice, suggesting the possible generation of cancer stem cells.

What is the ATCC support web page?

The ATCC Technical Support web page helps customers find answers to questions related to product characteristics, applications, and use. The ATCC Order Support web page helps customers with order status, billing, and tracking of information and invoices.

What are hTERT cells used for?

hTERT retinal pigment epithelial cells are useful in developing treatments for retinal diseases such as retinoblastoma. hTERT-immortalized SLCs are valuable for transporter studies. Cell line stably expressing SLC transporter hOCT2 for use in transport studies and kidney drug toxicity screening and research.