What are Mafia boss names?

Mob Bosses

  • Semion Mogilevich.
  • Al Capone.
  • Charles ‘Lucky’ Luciano.
  • Pablo Escobar.
  • John Gotti.
  • Hisayuki Machii.
  • Tony ‘Big Tuna’ Accardo.
  • Salvatore Riina.

What are some famous Mafia names?

Infamous Mobsters

  • Person. Al Capone.
  • Henry Hill. Henry Hill was a member of the Lucchese crime family who became a federal informant, inspiring the Martin Scorsese movie ‘Goodfellas.
  • Dutch Schultz.
  • John Gotti.
  • Mickey Cohen.
  • Frank Lucas.
  • Whitey Bulger.
  • Reggie Kray.

What are some Mafia last names?

Northeastern United States

  • Bonanno.
  • Colombo.
  • Gambino.
  • Genovese.
  • Lucchese.

What are actual names of people in the Mafia?

La Cosa Nostra – The term cosa nostra, which is sometimes translated from Italian to mean “our thing,” originally referred to the general lifestyle of organized criminals in Sicily. Omerta – Omerta is the Mafia code of silence. Made man – This is a man who has been officially inducted into a Mafia family.

What are common Mafia names?

Some common Mafia names which they are also refered to are: “Cosa Nostra,” “Mob,” “Crime Syndicate,” and “The Family. ” As far as nicknames for individuals, there a TON, but some famous ones are: “The Ant,” “Tight Lips,” “Ducks,” “Bats,” “the Bull,” “Lefty,” “Mad Hatter,” “Bugsy New York mobster Benjamin Bugsy Siegel leaves New York City to dip into the glamour of Hollywood, Calif., and to build up syndicate gambling rackets. Bowled over by actress Virginia Hill, the dapper Siegel courts her, despite having a wife and children. Obsessed with creating a gambling have… imdb.com,” “Big Paul,” “Fat Tony,” and “Gas Pipe. “.

What are the names of the Mafia crime families?

In pop cultureEdit. In The Godfather, five crime families control the Mafia of New York, but the families have different names. The Corleones, go to war with the other members of the Five Families, the Tattaglias, the Barzinis, the Cuneos, and the Straccis.

What are some other names for a Mafia boss?

A crime boss, crime lord, don, gang boss, gang lord, kingpin, mafia boss, Godfather, criminal mastermind or mob boss, is a person in charge of a criminal organization.