What are the houses like in Croatia?

Croatian villas are large detached houses, which often boast spacious sun terraces and swimming pools. The most expensive and sought-after are the large, historic stone villas by the sea in southern Dalmatia, but modern villas are just as popular and come in every conceivable size and style.

How much money do you need to retire in Croatia?

Initial cost of retirement in Croatia A single person looking to retire in Croatia will need between $13,000 to $15,000 upfront to pay for one year of prepaid rent, one year of Croatian health insurance, one year of “sufficient funds”, various legal fees and real estate agent commissions.

Can foreigners buy houses in Croatia?

While foreigners from the European Union may purchase real estate in the Republic of Croatia under the same conditions as nationals of the Republic of Croatia, those living outside the EU must obtain consent for the purchase of a real estate in the Republic of Croatia from the Ministry of Justice of the Republic in the …

Is real estate expensive in Croatia?

In 2020, the average price of new dwellings in Croatia rose by 3.1% to HRK12,724 (€1,678) per square meter (sq. m.) from a year earlier, following y-o-y rises of 7.6% in 2019, 6.8% in 2018 and 7% in 2017, according to the Croatian Bureau of Statistics (CBS). When adjusted for inflation, prices increased 2.8%.

Is healthcare free in Croatia?

Healthcare is not free in Croatia. You’ll also need to make a co-payment of 20% of the cost of any medical treatment you receive. The maximum you’ll pay for a single treatment is 2,000 Croatian kuna. Most people in Croatia take out supplementary health insurance with HZZO to cover their co-payments.

Is Split Croatia a good place to retire?

It has a low cost of living, high quality of life, small population, clean air and water, great food and wine, socialized healthcare and it is easy to get around. It’s also full of culture and things to do. For all those reasons, many people seek out Croatia as a place to live out their retirement.

Why buy in Split Croatia?

Split is the second largest city in Croatia. The city center is made up of the ancient Diocletian’s palace from the 4th century (under UNESCO protection since 1979.), which is a unique example in the world. With lots of old stone houses, beautiful beaches, Split is currently the most popular for real estate purchase.

Where to buy property in Croatia?

With lots of old stone houses, beautiful beaches, Split is currently the most popular for real estate purchase. You can find new and old apartments, houses, villas… or buy a land plot and build something from your dreams.

How far is split from Split Airport?

The centre of Split is only 20 minutes from Split airport. It is the Capitol of Dalmatia and the largest town in Croatia, apart from Zagreb, with a population of 300,000.

Is splitsplit real estate a good investment?

Split real estate is a great investment with growing value. It is a different market than other tourist property in Croatia. Croatia has been invited to join the EU (2013) and it’s centre as a regional travel hub is of growing importance. Newly built detached house in the old town.