What does the abbreviation LLL stand for?


Acronym Definition
LLL Left Lower Lobe (lung)
LLL Low Level Laser
LLL Live Love Laugh
LLL Learning Language in Logic (workshop)

How do you describe laughing?

Here are some adjectives for laughter: unrestrained, heartless, shrill contemptuous, manical, constant manical, loud juvenile, soft and empty, frightful, high-pitched, back audible, sarcastic and triumphant, distant ironical, soft and unpleasant, wry, doubtful, horrid, mirthless, guttoral, loud and irreverent, careless …

Does ego exist in love?

Ego Love – Means that you do not truly love the person but love more what the person gives to you. And the moment that is taken away, there is no more to be gained from that relationship if there is nothing in exchange. Ego love is possession and control, and gaining something in exchange of giving.

What does ego mean in slang?

What does EGO stand for?

Rank Abbr. Meaning
EGO Eyes Glaze Over
EGO Edging God Out
EGO Easing God Out
EGO EGamingOnline (website)

What does Wgo mean in texting?

What’s Going On?

How do I stop my love ego?

Today, let’s look at how to let go of ego in relationships and consequently improve them.

  1. Understand your true self.
  2. Remember that you don’t have to be always right.
  3. Overcome the need to be better than everyone else.
  4. Practice tolerance and determine not to be easily offended.
  5. Practice contentment.
  6. Your turn.

What does WGOO mean?

Abbreviation wgoo

WGOO: Meaning Category
WGOO War Garming Operations Organization Military abbreviations
WGOO Working Group of Ocean Optics Military abbreviations

What is another name for laughter?

What is another word for laughter?

cachinnation chuckling
chortle chuckle
giggle guffaw
hee-haw horselaugh
laugh snicker

Why do we have an ego?

The ego is born out of fear and isolation. It creates our identity and separates us from those around us when we were a child. The birth of ego, according to Chögyam Trungpa, is the process of identifying the self in term of opposing ourselves to others.