What is ASTM A53 grade B pipe?

The ASTM A53 Grade B Pipe is electric resistant welded and the size could range up to 100 inches in some cases for the ERW pipes. The usual range is 1/8 inches to 26 inches in diameter. The ASTM A53 Grade B Schedule 40 is one of the most used schedules because of the medium level pressure containment capacities.

Does EnPro offer ASTM A53 pipe?

Seamless Type S, has grade A and B. b. Welded Type E (ERW), Grade A and B. c. Furnace Welded Type F, Grade A only. Enpro offers ASTM A53 in stock and new. Request for ASTM A53 Pipe Now!

What is the welding seam for ERW welding process in ASTM A53?

The welding seam for ERW welding processes in ASTM A53 Grade B pipe should be done heat treatment after welding to a min of 540℃ 1000℉. Consequently, there is no untempered martensite remains, or use the other ways of non untempered martensite remains.

Is documentdocument Center an ASTM authorized dealer?

Document Center Inc. is an authorized dealer of ASTM standards. Want this as a site license? 1.1 This test method covers the determination of the temperature at which an arbitrary deformation occurs when specimens are subjected to an arbitrary set of testing conditions.