What is IDL?

Black November Sale! IDL’s award-winning Literacy and Numeracy software is proven to improve reading, spelling and maths abilities for pupils around the world. As a charity-owned company with a mission to lift barriers to learning our low price includes an unlimited user licence.

Why choose Progen IDL?

Proven to support pupils both in school and remotely. IDL works alongside your existing teaching methods and encourages independent learning. Our cloud based software uses sight, sound, touch, and voice to quickly improve reading and spelling. Black November Sale!

How much does IDL literacy cost?

IDL Literacy has been proven to increase pupils’ reading and spelling ages on average by around 11 months after just 26 hours of use Prices for a multi-user site licence which includes home and iPad / Android access start from just £399+VAT

How does IDL work with WMS?

Receive data from remote servers or write files to a disk at a remote location using common protocols. IDL acts as a client to HTTP and FTP servers, and provides access to common Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) servers such as Web Map Service (WMS) and Web Coverage Service (WCS).