Who makes national oil seals?

The Timken Company
National seals are distributed through The Timken Company and are stocked in their Crossville, Tennessee warehouse, as well as Bearing Service, Inc.

What is an oil bath seal?

Oil bath seal is a seal specially designed for wheel hubs of bus, truck, and trailer. The functions of oil seal, wear sleeve, and dust protection are integrated in the oil bath seal.

Can you drive with a leaking hub seal?

If the leak is small and you can’t make it to an appointment for a few days, it is okay to drive your vehicle as long as you keep the transmission fluid full. The most common cause of a leaking axle seal is it improper axle installation or removal.

Are national seals any good?

National Oil Seals, now under the Timken umbrella, are high quality products. These seals are great for thousands of applications across many different industries like automotive, manufacturing, power transmission, and more.

Where are national seals made?

Available for five popular applications, the 375 Series Dynamic Edge hand installable seal is manufactured in the United States at our Van Wert, Ohio, facility. For more information, contact your local DRiV representative.

Is a leaking wheel seal a dot violation?

Failure to replace a leaking wheel seal is a D.O.T. violation. This could cause a bearing failure on the wheel end of the axle and you don’t want to have to find out what this will cost to fix.

How to install wheel bearing seal?

Bearing/seal installation 1 . Lightly coat the outer surface of the bearing with wheel bearing grease. 2. Use a suitable installation tool to press the new bearing into the knuckle. Apply pressure to the outer raceonly. 3. Press on the bearing retainer and tighten retaining screws to approximately 20 ft. lbs. 4.

Why choose the national® brand of oil seals and bearings?

The National® brand of oil seals and bearings has built a reputation as one of the most respected names in the industry. We provide premium quality, no-compromise solutions for virtually every wheel-end repair.

What should I look for when installing a new seal?

• Double-check the seal part number before installation. • Inspect the shaft and bore for burrs, nicks or other damage before installing a new seal. • Never reuse old seals. • Never hammer directly on a seal.

How do I select part numbers for bearings and seals?

Be sure the new seal is the correct one for the application. If you are replacing the bearing, the new part number must match the old one. To select part numbers for either bearings or seals, consult the SKF Passenger Car, Light and Medium Truck Seals and Bearings Catalog (SKF #457205). 2.