Why do we love our enemies?

Loving your enemies can also mean making an effort to interact and make peace with them. In the end, if you are able to establish some common ground and patch things up, you’ll have succeeded in making another friend. And who doesn’t need friends? This can also help you in working with people in the long run.

How does marriage affect the society?

Marriage enhances an adult’s ability to parent. Married people are more likely to give and receive support from their parents and are more likely to consider their parents as means for possible support in case of an emergency.

Why do I have more enemies than friends?

It is said that you know you are doing better when you have more enemies than friends 😛 😀 .. Humour aside, sometimes people do have a tendency to hate a purist or a perfectionist who finds fault with others, sometimes they push you down cos they are jealous of you, sometimes they push you down cos they are insecure.

How do you respond to an enemy?

Give them compliments and try not to sound hurtful, don’t judge them if they say bad stuff back. And if these things don’t work out, just tell your friends and they can cool you down, and take a deep breath and try again. Never be offended, but if did, try not to lose control.

Which planet is responsible for divorce?

The planets Mars, Rahu, Saturn and Sun for their separative nature acts as a marriage breaking or divorce device in Kundli . It is necessary to consider the position and condition of Venus and Jupiter while predicting marriage and divorce. Venus is the governing planet for love Sex and Romance.

Which planet is responsible for enemies?

Malefics planets Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu in the seventh house May show an unfortunate approach to others and develop the open enemies. The Moon and Mercury well aspected will give many friends, benefic planets in the 11th House, or the ruler of the 11th House well aspected, the same.

Which planet is responsible for anger?

There are many planets which increase your anger. People whose Moon is weak they face irritation. Rahu-Ketu also creates irritation. Hypothalamus and amygdale are responsible for anger.

What house represents second marriage?

The second is marriage is seen from the 2nd house of Horoscope. 8th house shows Longevity. So 8th house from 7th house i.e. 2nd house will indicate the second marriage in astrology.

How do you stop your enemies?


  1. Give it time.
  2. Never assume you did something to cause this person’s poor treatment of you.
  3. Another way to avoid enemies is to is to find a quiet corner and put headphones or earbuds and tune your self out that way you don’t hear them talking to you and sit there and just ignore them.

How do I get rid of hidden enemies?

Destroy Enemies Astrological Remedies

  1. You should go to a Hanuman mandir and then you should burn 2 cloves in front of a Hanuman Ji. Then recite the Hanuman chalisa. Then put the ashes of the cloves as tilak.
  2. You can try the following method to control your enemies so that they can no longer harm you:

Which planet is responsible for mental stress?


What causes late marriage?

Fear of losing autonomy and independence. A few men and women prefer to marry late to have more freedom to do anything they want without having to be accountable for anybody. Some don’t want to have children early while others postpone marriage because they desire fewer children.

What God says about your enemies?

‘ But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them that despitefully use you; that ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven.”

Which planet is responsible for immunity?

Mars – It rules the head, bone marrow, bile, neck, intestine, and muscular system. Mercury – Mercury rules the chest, nervous system, nose, skin, navel, gall bladder, lungs, arms, tongue, arms, face, and hair.

Which planet is responsible for happy married life?


How do you overcome your enemies?

How to Defeat Your Enemies: Best Tips

  1. Try to understand your enemy: All of your enemies have not been created the same.
  2. Observe them carefully:
  3. Avoid your enemy as much as possible:
  4. Turn cold towards them:
  5. Learn to defend yourself:
  6. Find out their weakness:
  7. Move on:
  8. Try to build your character even more:

Why is late marriage a problem?

You might face complicated conception Women who marry late panic and fret about having children. Their anxiety can also delay achieving pregnancy. Plus it’s more likely to cause genetic problems in the kids once you are over your prime biological time for conception.

Which planet is responsible for negative?

The main significators or ‘Karaka’ planets for Concentration are Rahu, Ketu, Moon & Mercury. Malefic Ketu is responsible for immense negativity in your character. This planet causes confusion so the person will always want to appear confused to gain sympathy of others.

How do you love your enemies?

I hope they can be of some use to you:

  1. Stop, breathe, detach yourself.
  2. Put yourself in their shoes.
  3. Seek to understand.
  4. Seek to accept.
  5. Forgive, and let the past go.
  6. Find something to love.
  7. See them as yourself, or a loved one.
  8. Find common ground.

What did Jesus mean by love your enemies?

Jesus is teaching that His people are to emulate God the Father. “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, so that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven.” Sons bear the character of their father.