Are Brooks shoes guaranteed for life?

When used for its intended purpose, Brooks footwear has a life expectancy of 300 to 500 miles. We will happily replace any product that does not perform to Brooks’ high expectations, under normal use and within the functional life of the product. …

Does Brooks have a guarantee?

Brooks offers the Run Happy Promise – a promise that you’ll love your gear, and if you don’t we will take it back for 90 days after purchase. Run in it, sweat in it, inside, outside, in the rain – if it doesn’t perform the way it should, send it back.

How many miles before I replace my running shoes?

There is no set rule when it comes to replacing your running shoes. An October 2011 review of 18 years worth of research published in Footwear Science suggests that high-quality running shoes can last for more than 600 miles. But experts generally advise that you get new running shoes every 300 to 500 miles.

How do I contact Brooks shoes?

If you’d like to call us directly, our phone number is 1-855-4-BROOKS (1-855-427-6657).

How long does it take to break in Brooks shoes?

There’s no break-in time required. It usually takes a couple days of wearing them around the house before they feel comfortable enough to run in. Right out of the box, shoes can often be stiff and harsh on your feet but not the Ghost 12s.

Can you return Brooks without box?

Returns center Take your Brooks gear for a 90-day trial run and if you aren’t satisfied, return them for free—seriously we mean it; no shipping or re‐stocking fee. If your gear is unworn and still in original packing, you have 365 days to return it to us.

What does GTS stand for Brooks?

GTS refers to Go-To-Support, we use our Guiderails technology to deliver holistic support that allows your hips, knees, and joints to move the way you naturally do. Click here to shop supportive GTS Shoes. Click here to shop waterproof GTX Shoes.

Are Brooks made in the USA?

The country generates about 55 percent of Brooks’ running shoe production, with China accounting for the remainder. Brooks shoes are sold in 56 countries, and account for the bulk of the Seattle-based company’s annual revenue, which grew 26 percent last year to $644 million. Brooks also sells apparel.

How can you tell if Brooks shoes are worn out?

Looking out for these five signs can help:

  1. You have new aches and pains. If you notice that your ankles, knees or hips get more achy after a run, it might be time to get a new pair of shoes.
  2. Your feet get extra sore after a run.
  3. The treads are worn out.
  4. The midsole feels tough.
  5. You keep getting blisters or brush burn.

Can I wash my Brooks?

First things first — do not, we repeat, do not machine wash or dry your shoes. Many newer washing machines have a hand-wash setting, but we recommend you just say no to machine cleaning your shoes in general. It’s best to clean running shoes by hand, and all you need is some mild detergent and a damp cloth or brush.

How much does Brooks Adrenaline GTS cost?

Color White/Grey/Black. $129.95. 4.4 out of 5 stars Brooks – Adrenaline GTS 21. Color Ombre/Lavender/Metallic. $129.95. 4.4 out of 5 stars

Are Brooks adrenaline trainers still popular?

Despite the continued buzz surrounding minimal shoes, traditional trainers still rule the marketplace. Case in point: The Adrenaline remains Brooks’ best-selling shoe.

What are the best-selling Brooks shoes?

Case in point: The Adrenaline remains Brooks’ best-selling shoe. A classic stability shoe, the GTS 13 sports a medial post that gets progressively firmer toward the inside edge of the shoe and other features that help slow the inward roll of the foot.

Why choose Brooks for running?

At Brooks we focus on the Run. We provide the best running experience through our products, with that in mind, we wan… Continue reading How do I choose the right shoe? Choosing the right shoe for your best run should help you run farther, faster, more comfortably – or all 3! Here are Continue reading