Are Wyandotte bantams good layers?

Wyandottes are great egg layers, gifting their lucky keeper with 200 or more eggs per year. Wyandottes are even known to lay through the colder months, when other hens hang up their egg-layer hats for winter. Want to know what other chicken breeds are great layers?

Are Wyandotte bantams friendly?

Bantam Laced Wyandotte hens are generally calm and friendly, but they know their own minds. Although they make lovely garden hens, with their stunning laced markings, they would not be suited as a cuddly pets for children.

How much does a Wyandotte chicken cost?


Sex 1-5 75-99
Straight Run $3.62 $2.51
Male $2.78 $2.07
Female $4.24 $3.47

Are wyandottes rare?

Wyandottes are a favorite amongst backyard flock owners for their dependable egg laying, easygoing nature, hardiness, and the great variety of beautiful feather patterns available. Silver Penciled, Golden Laced, Blue, Columbian and White Wyandottes are all rather rare.

How big do Wyandotte bantams get?

Size and Weight Wyandottes are classified as a dual purpose breed, so they are not particularly small birds. Roosters weigh in between 8 and 9 pounds, with hens weighing between 6 and 7 pounds. Wyandottes have rather fluffy feathers making them appear even larger than they really are.

Are Wyandottes good mothers?

Wyandotte chickens are very cold hardy because of their rose comb. They are known to go broody and make excellent mothers. Wyandottes are a versatile dual purpose breed.

How long do Wyandotte hens live?

6-12 years
Quick Facts about Wyandotte Chicken

Species Name: Gallus gallus domesticus
Lifespan: 6-12 years
Size: 6-9 pounds
Diet: Omnivore
Eggs per week: 4 on average

How long do Wyandottes live for?

about 6-12 years
This American bred bird is incredibly popular all over the world – not only because they are so beautiful, but because they are productive layers and great backyard companions. The Wyandotte has an average lifespan, ranging from about 6-12 years. Wyandottes are a chicken from the ‘American Class’.

What is the best Wyandotte?

A popular and stunning variety is the blue laced wyandotte which has unusual blue/grey laced feathers. Many keepers would agree that blue laced Wyandottes are one of the most photogenic chooks out there! You may that their blue laced exterior means they also lay blue eggs – sadly not!

Are Wyandotte Roosters aggressive?

Unfortunately, the Wyandotte breed is known to carry an aggressive streak. You may end up with an individual or two who are human aggressive. Typically, these will be roosters.

How much does a blue laced Wyandotte Bantam cost?

2 blue laced wyandotte bantam pullets 1 black/ gold pullet 1 black/ gold cockerel £75 for all or £ 25 each for blue laced pullets £20 each for black/ gold pullets £10 cockerel. Great birds near… Chicks for sale *from* £6. Chicks hatch in pyle, blue laced and splash laced (buff laced in appearance).

What kind of feathers do Wyandotte bantams have?

Blue Wyandotte Bantams are shades of bluish-gray and slate. Note: any blue variety ordered from Purely Poultry may include chicks with black, blue, or splash plumage patterns Blue Laced Red Wyandotte Bantams have feathers that are golden-red to dark red with generous blue or bright gray lacing.

When did we get involved with Wyandotte bantams?

We have been involved with Wyandotte Bantams since 2014, though we were involved with poultry for many years before this. We started with Chocolates from … IL – Wyandotte bantams in four colors. Wyandotte bantams in White, Black, Buff, and Partridge.

What does a Wyandotte bantam chicken look like?

Their large eyes and chunky beak gives them a very handsome appearance. Any blue variety ordered from Purely Poultry may include chicks with black, blue, or splash plumage patterns. Production: Like most bantams, Wyandotte Bantams are raised mostly for the joy of raising chickens.