Can an A320 stall?

Greek investigators have disclosed that the crew of an Airbus A320 allowed the aircraft’s airspeed to decay to the point where its automatic stall-protection system activated on approach to Muscat. The aircraft entered a steep right turn at 1,480ft with a bank angle of nearly 38°.

What are the correct actions if RMP 1 fails?

21. What are the correct actions if RMP 1 fails? Switch it off : use RMP 3 only.

How is accelerated stall speed calculated?


  1. Stall Speed Banked = [Stall Speed Level / Square Root of Load Factor]
  2. Square Root of 2 = 1.41.
  3. Stall Speed Banked = 48 x 1.41.
  4. Stall Speed Banked = 68 KIAS.

What is Sdac A320?

On the Airbus A320 the System Data Acquisition Concentrators (SDAC) aquire system data, process it and sends system page data to the three Display Management Computers (DMC). The DMC process the data and generate an image.

Can Airbus stall in normal law?

The good news is the A330 cannot stall in Normal Law. Laws are just protections so the pilots can’t screw up. Normal Law is the mother of all laws, as she will babysit any pilot.

How do you fix a stall?

When stall occurs, reduce angle of attack, roll wings level, and add power as needed. As flying speed returns, stop descent and establish a climb. Maintain climb airspeed, raise landing gear and flaps, and trim. Return to the desired flightpath.

How do I align my IRS a320?

Once you’ve entered your departure/arrival airport, go to the IRS INIT page (I believe it’s called) and hit align, and then confirm align. Once you’ve done that, it should take about 7-10 mins for everything to align and then you’re good to go.

What is supplied in Airbus a320?

Two main transformer rectifiers, TR 1 and TR 2, supply the aircraft’s electrical system, with up to 200 amperes of DC current. A third (identical) transformer rectifier, the ESS TR, can power the essential DC circuit from the emergency generator, if the engine and APU generators all fail, or if TR 1 or TR 2 fails.

What factors affect stall speed?

Factors such as total weight, load factor, power, and center of gravity location affect stall speed—sometimes significantly. Stall speed increases as weight increases, since wings need to fly at a higher angle of attack to generate enough lift for a given airspeed.

What does EIS stand for Airbus?


Term Main definition
EIS Electronic Instrument System

How does the data acquisition concentrator work?

Sensors placed throughout the aircraft, monitoring key parameters, feed their data into two System Data Acquisition Concentrator (SDACs) which in turn process the data and feed it to two Flight Warning Computers (FWCs). The whole system can continue to operate even with a failure of one SDAC and one FWC.

Can an A320 be stalled?

Sadly, the XL crew has demonstrated that A320 can be stalled in normal law too, provided both AoA inputs are valid, in agreement and way below actual AoA. Hy. Clandestino, how will the plane stall? Lower the nose, or just some parachute like descent? How can we see that in the sim? Can we do a stall recovery in the sim? (Not just approach to stall)

What is a stall test on an automatic transmission?

NOTE: The stall test is of extreme importance in diagnos- ing the condition of the automatic transmission and the engine. It should be conducted to measure the engine stall speeds in ÒR Ó and Ò2 Ó ranges. Purposes of the stall test: ¥ To check the operation of the automatic trans- mission clutch.

How do you do a stall test on a Ford Ranger?

To perform a stall test, install a tachometer, chock all four wheels, and set the parking brake. Make sure the tachometer is viewable from the driver’s seat. Place your foot firmly on the brake pedal, and place the transmission’s shift selector in Drive.

How is the A320 protected from crash?

The A320 and other FBW airliners are protected in that the flight management computers won’t let you actually stall the aircraft because they have an AOA limit which they will not permit the pilots to exceed.