Does blaziken mask reveal himself?

In Garchomp’s Mega Bond!, he reappeared as Blaziken Mask. His true identity was discovered and known by Professor Sycamore by the end of the episode.

Who is the man with mega blaziken?

Mega Blaziken returned to the Blaziken Mask, who was Meyer. Meyer noted Clemont and Bonnie would learn much by travelling with Ash and Serena.

Does Serena like Clemont?

They both have a common admiration for Ash. Serena and Clemont part ways when she left to continue make her dream a reality while he stays to continue running his Gym. Although they are apart, Serena and Clemont know their friendship will remain.

Who is Mairin to Alain?

Mairin is a Pokémon trainer and companion of Alain. She began her journey after receiving her Chespin, and soon discovered the Pokémon Trainer Alain while observing his battle against a Mega Absol.

How old is Harrison Pokémon?


Harrison (ハヅキ Hazuki)
Age: 14 or more
Hometown: Littleroot Town
Family: Unnamed Grandfather
Class: Trainer

Who is Serena’s dad in Pokémon?

Trevor’s house is in Lumiose City. Yeah, it’s Serena/Calem’s dad. He as the same model as the Veteran Trainer, so maybe he moved to Snobelle to train. He/She (he for me) also seems to resent him.

Who owns the Blaziken in Pokémon XY?

English. This Blaziken is a Fire/Fighting-type Starter Pokémon owned by Meyer.

Is Ash Giovanni’s son?

Silver Ketchum is one of the main characters of the book. He is also the youngest son of Giovanni and Ash’s younger half-brother….Silver Ketchum.

Silver Ketchum シルバー Silver
Silver Ketchum
Hometown Viridian City
Region Kanto
Relatives Unnamed Mother † Giovanni (Father) Ash (Older Half-Brother)

Does Clemont like Lilia?

Lilia agreed because she was the daughter of the president of a big robotics company called Orangics. She soon got to know Clemont and his passion for inventing and robotics; the two became quite friendly towards one another, much to Bonnie’s dismay, because she was jealous of the attention that Clemont gave Lilia.

Does Clemont like his sister Bonnie?

In A Showcase Debut!, Clemont was worried about Serena after the Pokémon Showcase and wondering if she would be all right, showing his concern for her feelings. Clemont loves his younger sister Bonnie, making sure to always take good care of her.

Why did Xerosic kidnap Clemont?

In Facing the Needs of the Many!, while the gang was returning to Lumiose Airport after dropping off Ash’s Goodra at the wetlands, Clemont was kidnapped by Xerosic, who wanted to get revenge on him for the trapdoor trick he pulled on him during the time he took over the Lumiose Gym during the Crisis.

What is Clemont’s only known move?

When Ash and the others were kidnapped by the three evil Malamar who plot to destroy the world, Clemont, along with James, temporarily used a group of Inkay in a desperate attempt to rescue everyone from danger. Their only known move is Flamethrower . Facing the Grand Design!

What happened to Clemont’s friend clembot?

When Clemont had to activate Clembot’s self-destruct sequence, at the robot’s own insistence, he was initially very hesitant as he had grown very fond of Clembot. When he eventually relented, Clemont was left devastated by the loss of his friend.