How do I claim surplus money from Alexander Forbes?

Potential beneficiaries can contact Alexander Forbes on 0860 100 333 or email [email protected] or [email protected]. Alternatively, potential beneficiaries can access the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) website Benefits.

Do I have unclaimed money in South Africa?

Check if you have unclaimed benefits Visit the FSCA website at It has a built-in search engine you can use to check if you are owed any benefits. Contact or visit the websites of the larger life assurer companies to check if there are any benefits due to you.

How do I find out if I have unclaimed pensions?

The Registrar of Pension funds provides a central database on the FSCA website to assist members of the public to ascertain through the search engine if there are any unclaimed benefits due to them….Page Title.

Search Channel Link/ contact details
Toll-free Telephone enquiries 0800 20 3722 (toll-free)

How long does it take for Alexander Forbes to pay out pension fund?

Please refer this question to your own fund administrator – Alexander Forbes – for a specific answer. It usually takes between 4 and 12 weeks, to process a pay-out.

Can I withdraw money from my Alexander Forbes pension fund?

Your retirement savings are preserved for retirement. You can take one cash withdrawal if you ever need emergency funds. Tax-free transfer. You have full control of your retirement savings transferred to the preservation fund, and can switch investment portfolios from time to time.

What is surplus money?

Surplus funds means, at any given date, the excess of cash and other recognized assets that are expected to be resolved into cash or its equivalent in the natural course of events and with a reasonable certainty, over the liabilities and necessary reserves at the same date.

What is surplus pension fund?

Surplus benefit – a benefit that became payable as a result of a distribution of surplus in the fund to active and former members of the fund; Retirement benefit – as a result of retirement from the fund.

How do you get surplus money?

If you are wondering how to claim surplus funds from foreclosure, these are the steps to follow:

  1. Provide proof of prior ownership.
  2. Provide verification of funds.
  3. Contact the trustee.
  4. Once you have contacted your trustee, submit a claim form to the trustee and the court.

How do you get a surplus fund?

If the property sells for more than the borrower owes, that borrower could be entitled to the surplus funds. After the mortgage holder’s expenses and any subordinate lienholders are paid, the borrower can apply to either the foreclosure trustee or the court to receive the funds leftover from the sale.

How does Alexander Forbes pension fund work?

Your employer has joined the Alexander Forbes Retirement Fund to provide savings and investment benefits to its employees for their retirement years. Belonging to this fund means that every month, a certain amount of money is taken from your salary and invested for you on the investment markets by financial experts.

What is Alexander Forbes surplus?

Alexander Forbes Surplus Surplus refers to any retirement benefits owed to an individual which remain unpaid or unclaimed after that person’s resignation, dismissal or retrenchment. Even if you claimed and received your benefits when you left a fund, you may not have received all the benefits due to you.

How to contact Alexander Forbes Retirement fund?

How to contact us If you want to ask us if we have your personal information, you can contact us by phone on 0860 100 333. If you have any queries about your withdrawal, you can contact us at the following email addresses: Alexander Forbes Retirement Fund: [email protected]

What does Forbes’ plea bargain mean for Retirement fund providers?

The admission by Alexander Forbes in the plea bargain is likely to have an impact on a number of employers and other retirement fund service providers that face both criminal charges and civil claims for their role in the surplus-stripping saga.

What are the FSB’s options for surplus apportionment?

Jurgen Boyd, the FSB deputy executive in charge of pensions, says similar surplus apportionment schemes prepared by Mostert are currently being considered by the FSB for the Datakor Pension Fund, Lucas SA Pension Fund, Prestolite Pension Fund, Power Pack Pension Fund, Sable Industries Pension Fund and Picbel Voorsorgfonds.