How do I complain about Health Canada?

Report complaints involving medical devices to Health Canada by calling toll-free at 1-800-267-9675, or by reporting online. Stay connected with Health Canada and receive the latest advisories and product recalls.

What is a medical device incident?

In accordance with section 62(4) of the Medical Devices Regulations, a medical device incident refers to an incident related to a failure of a medical device or a deterioration in its effectiveness, or any inadequacy in its labelling or in its directions for use that has led to the death or a serious deterioration in …

What is Health Canada oversee?

Health Canada is a federal department responsible for the national public health of Canadians. It regulates the use of consumer goods, drugs, biologics, medical devices, and natural health products.

How do you report food safety issues?

  1. 1300 552 406 (8:30am – 5:30pm, Monday to Friday)
  2. [email protected].
  3. PO Box 6682, Silverwater NSW 1811.
  4. Interpreter service: call 131 450 and ask to speak to the NSW Food Authority.

How do I report an unsanitary business?

How to File a Safety and Health Complaint

  1. Online – Use the Online Complaint Form.
  2. Fax/Mail/Email – Complete the OSHA Complaint Form [En Español], or Send a Letter Describing Your Complaint.
  3. Telephone – Call Your Local OSHA Office or 800-321-6742 (OSHA)
  4. In Person – Visit Your Local OSHA Office.

What defines a medical device?

A medical device is an instrument, apparatus, implant, machine, tool, in vitro reagent, or similar article that is to diagnose, prevent, mitigate, treat, or cure disease or other conditions, and, unlike a pharmaceutical or biologic, achieves its purpose by physical, structural, or mechanical action but not through …

Who is responsible for reporting adverse events?

The 5 Ws of Adverse Events. Who is responsible for reporting serious adverse events (SAEs)? Manufacturers are under mandatory requirements to report serious adverse events related to their products to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

What are responsibilities of minister of health?

Our responsibilities setting policy, legislation and standards for the health system in Alberta. allocating health funding. administering provincial programs such as the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan. implementing and ensuring compliance with government policy.

Who makes up Health Canada?

The department is responsible to Parliament through the minister of health – presently Jean-Yves Duclos – as part of the federal health portfolio. The minister is assisted by the associate minister of health, and minister of mental health and addictions – presently Carolyn Bennett.

Do all complaints lead to further action from Health Canada?

Not all complaints will lead to further action from Health Canada. A complaint typically relates to the quality and/or safety of a health product and also may include a trade complaint which can relate to the products and/or the activities of a competitor.

What is the medical definition of a complaint?

b : a bodily ailment or disease The patient’s complaint was frequent headaches. 3 : a formal allegation against a party The complaint alleges sexual harassment. The board has received a number of complaints about the new policy.

How do I file a health product complaint outside of Canada?

If your location is outside of Canada, refer to the ROEB Program Office table in the Health Product Complaint Form (FRM-0317) to find the office responsible for your Province/Territory. Login error when trying to access an account (e.g.

What are the changes to the new health product complaint process?

1. What are the changes to the new complaint process?* In order to streamline the submission of health product complaints, the Regulatory Operations and Enforcement Branch (ROEB) has developed a new complaint form ( Health Product Complaint Form (FRM-0317) ).