How do you use the word conjunction in a sentence?

Conjunction sentence example

  1. The electroscope was used in conjunction with an oil lamp or gas flame.
  2. This morning she used the conjunction AND for the first time.
  3. In 1799 he, in conjunction with Sir Joseph Banks, projected the establishment of the Royal Institution.

How do you say in conjunction with?

synonyms for in conjunction with

  1. counting.
  2. along with.
  3. among other things.
  4. as well as.
  5. in addition to.
  6. inclusive of.
  7. made up of.
  8. not to mention.

What does it mean to work in conjunction with?

If one thing is done in conjunction with another, the two things are done or used together.

What could be used in conjunction with a?

A conjunction is a word that is used to connect words, phrases, and clauses….Subordinating conjunctions.

Relationship Common subordinating conjunctions
Condition if, unless, in case
Contrast although, though, whereas

What does the phrase in conjunction with mean?

Definition of in conjunction with : in combination with : together with The concert will be held in conjunction with the festival. The medicine is typically used in conjunction with other treatments.

Can you end a sentence with in conjunction?

Conjunctions should not be placed at the end of sentences.

Is together with a conjunction?

Expressions such as coupled with, as well as, along with, together with, not to mention, and others do not act as coordinating conjunctions. Therefore, when you use these expressions to join one singular subject of a sentence with another noun or pronoun, you do not form a plural subject.

What could be used in conjunction with a laptop?

What could be used in conjunction with a laptop in order to read flash media? Explanation: A flash card reader (sometimes simply called a card reader) accepts a variety of flash card types and commonly attaches to a USB port.

Which conjunctions are always together?

What is a correlative conjunction? Correlative conjunctions, or paired conjunctions, are sets of conjunctions that are always used together. Like coordinating conjunctions, they join words, phrases, or independent clauses of similar or equal importance and structure.

Is with a preposition or conjunction?

With is a preposition.

What are the 4 types of conjunctions?

Coordinating Conjunction.

  • Subordinating Conjunction.
  • Correlative Conjunction.
  • What does in conjunction mean?

    in conjunction with (someone or something) Jointly with someone or something; in tandem with someone or something. The tax changes are coming into effect in conjunction with several relief schemes for lower-income families. The director worked in conjunction with numerous psychologists to faithfully portray the disorder.

    Can you start a sentence with a conjunction?

    Yes, you can start a sentence with a conjunction if it’s not the first word of a new essay or other writing. You need a reason for doing it, like: January went like the cold wind across the moors. And February was colder and windier, but somehow the time dragged……. January was cold.

    What is a synonym for in conjunction?

    synonyms for in conjunction. Compare Synonyms. accordingly. collectively. cooperatively. in tandem. mutually. simultaneously. together.