How many gatekeeper books are there?

5 books
There are 5 books in this series.

What order should I read Anthony Horowitz books?

Order of Anthony Horowitz Books

  • Stormbreaker. (2000)
  • Stormbreaker. (2006)
  • The Gadget. (2005)
  • The Word Is Murder. (2018)
  • The Falcon’s Malteser. (1986)
  • Three of Diamonds. (2004)
  • Groosham Grange. (1988)
  • Horowitz Horror. (1999)

What age group is Anthony Horowitz books for?

Alex Rider Anthony Horowitz’s series about a 14-year-old boy recruited by the British secret service has proved phenomenally popular: there are nine novels, from 2000’s Stormbreaker to Scorpia Rising, released last March, suitable for readers aged around 10 and over; a number of spinoff short-story collections; a film; …

What is Anthony Horowitz most popular book?

Best Sellers in Horowitz, Anthony

  1. #1. Nightshade (Alex Rider) Anthony Horowitz.
  2. #2. Stormbreaker (Alex Rider)
  3. #3. Secret Weapon (Alex Rider)
  4. #4. Alex Rider: The 10-Book Collection.
  5. #5. Never Say Die (Alex Rider)
  6. #6. Point Blanc (Alex Rider)
  7. #7. Stormbreaker (Alex Rider Book 1)
  8. #8. Alex Rider: The Complete Missions 1-11.

How many pages does Raven’s Gate have?

270 pp
Raven’s Gate

First earlier US edition
Author Anthony Horowitz
Pages 270 pp
ISBN 1-84428-619-3 (Paperback edition)
OCLC 224729113

What is the name Anthony Horowitz first book?

Enter Frederick K Bower
Anthony Horowitz is best known as a screenwriter and children’s novelist. Born in 1955 in North London, he was educated at Rugby School and York University, and published his first book, Enter Frederick K Bower, in 1978.

Is there an Atticus Pund series?

‘Magpie Murders’ Adds Timothy Spall as Detective Atticus Pünd Alongside Lesley Manville. The upcoming Magpie Murders has cast its investigator: Timothy Spall will play the clever and complex fictional detective Atticus Pünd in the adaptation of Anthony Horowitz’s best-selling crime novel.

How rich is Anthony Horowitz?

Anthony Horowitz was born in Stanmore, Middlesex, England in April 1955. He is best known for mystery and suspense….Anthony Horowitz Net Worth.

Net Worth: $20 Million
Gender: Male
Profession: Screenwriter, Author, Novelist, Writer, Television Director, Television Producer
Nationality: England

Who is Anthony Horowitz wife?

Jill Greenm. 1988
Anthony Horowitz/Wife

Is Anthony Horowitz writing a new book?

A third novel entitled With a Mind to Kill was announced in May 2021 and will be released in May 2022. Horowitz is the only author in recent years to have been invited by Ian Fleming Publications to write successive, official James Bond novels. In 2016, Horowitz’s adult novel Magpie Murders was published.

Is Raven’s Gate a movie?

Incident at Raven’s Gate (also released as Encounter at Raven’s Gate) is a 1988 science fiction arthouse feature film directed by prominent Australian director Rolf de Heer.