How much does it cost to go to Lakshadweep from Kerala?

The quickest way to get from Kerala to Lakshadweep is to bus and ferry which costs ₹38,400 – ₹38,800 and takes 22h 2m.

How much does a Lakshadweep trip cost?

Package rate for Five Days Lakshadweep Samudram Package.

Class of Accommodation Transportation Cost Tour Charges
First (Adult) Rs.25,000/- Rs.12,500/-
First (Child) Rs.25,000/- Rs.8,000/-
Second (Adult) Rs.18,000/- Rs.10,500/-
Second (Child) Rs.18,000/- Rs.7,000/-

Which is better Maldives or Lakshadweep?

Shopping In Maldives And Lakshadweep The Maldives are a favored destination when it comes to shopping. Although Lakshadweep has fewer places that will entertain the shoppers, Agatti Island, Kavaratti and Minicoy islands are few places that take the top spot in this regard.

What can I buy in Lakshadweep?

The coconut powder and oil are the specialties of the island. You can purchase a lot of packaged products from the island, such as fish oil, frozen fish can, fish biscuits, etc. Most of the markets of the island are settled on the beach side. The main island to go for shopping is Agatti, Minicoy and Kavaratti islands.

How to get to Lakshadweep?

Before finalizing the Lakshadweep tour packages price with your tour operator, you need to know the means of transport that will take you to the island. You may take a flight or book a ferry from Kochi to Agatti islands.

How to take affordable Lakshadweep tour packages from Cochin?

Take the most affordable Lakshadweep tour packages from Cochin by ship when travelling for 14 to 20 hours on the sea will not be an issue for you. Through these hours, the ship takes you to different islands.

What are the popular themes of Lakshadweep?

Popular themes for Lakshadweep are Lakshadweep Bestseller Packages, Lakshadweep Sightseeing Packages, Lakshadweep Honeymoon Packages, Lakshadweep Adventure Packages, Lakshadweep Shopping Packages, Lakshadweep Beach Packages, Lakshadweep Family Packages, Lakshadweep Winter Packages and many more.

When is the best time to book Lakshadweep packages?

The ideal time to book, Lakshadweep Packages is between March-May, when the temperature is from 22- 35 degrees C with high humidity throughout the day. Summers come with a tsunami of adventurous activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming, etc. that may enthrall you with the pleasant weather, clear skies, and the stunning beauty of the sea.