How much is $50 dollars in quetzales?

Are you overpaying your bank?

Conversion rates US Dollar / Guatemalan Quetzal
5 USD 38.47500 GTQ
10 USD 76.95000 GTQ
20 USD 153.90000 GTQ
50 USD 384.75000 GTQ

Is the quetzal stronger than the peso?

958.485 USD in remittances. The Guatemalan quetzal is the currency of Guatemala….Compare Money Sending Options.

From quetzales (GTQ) to Mexican Pesos (MXN)
5 quetzales 13.39 Mexican Pesos
10 quetzales 26.78 Mexican Pesos
50 quetzales 133.90 Mexican Pesos
100 quetzales 267.81 Mexican Pesos

Where can I exchange dollars for quetzales?

HOTELS OR EXCHANGE HOUSES In many hotels, international tourists can exchange American dollars for Guatemalan Quetzales. You can ask at the front desk whether the hotel can offer currency exchange, or recommend the location of a retail bank, exchange house, or a nearby ATM.

Does Guatemala use US dollar?

The US dollar is by far the most widely accepted foreign currency in Guatemala; that said, it is not a semi-official one, and you can’t get by with a fistful of greenbacks and no quetzals. Euros and other foreign currencies are tricky to cash; try foreign-owned hotels or stores.

Which currency is spent in Guatemala?

The quetzal (locally [keˈtsal]; code: GTQ) is the currency of Guatemala, named after the national bird of Guatemala, the resplendent quetzal.

How much is $100.00 US dollars in Mexico?

First, it’s worth noting that at current exchange rates, your $100 will equal upwards of 2,395 pesos in Mexico.

What is Guatemala money called?

Guatemalan quetzal
GTQ is the foreign exchange abbreviation for the Guatemalan quetzal. It is the official currency of Guatemala, and is subdivided into 100 centavos.

What countries use quetzal?

Guatemalan quetzal/Countries