Is the Microtech Halo VI a good knife?

The Microtech Halo Series has gone through a few changes over the years. The current iteration is the Halo VI. The Microtech Halo VI knife is large, powerful, and looks great. At almost 11″ the Halo VI is a big knife with a big blade (over 4″!). The action on these is fast, they hit hard, and the lock-up is excellent.

How much does a Microtech black knife cost?

Microtech Ultratech Black Double Edge OTF Knife Carbon Fiber Top Black Blade 122-1 CF $350.00. Microtech Silver 25th Anniversary Coin $100.00. Microtech Currahee Black Handle and Black Tanto Edge Fixed Blade 103-1 $316.00. Microtech Currahee Black Handle and Black Part Serrated Drop Point Fixed Blade 102-2 $316.00.

What kind of hand tanks does Microtech make?

Microtech Marfione Custom Hand Tank Titanium Microtech Siphon II Black and Bronze Apocalyp… Microtech Signature Series Hera Pre Productio… Microtech Ultratech D/E Standard Bronze Apoca…

Are Halo OTF knives any good?

The Halo OTF knife is a perennial winner in the knife community, and for good reason. The Halo is large, snappy, and extremely reliable. ATTENTION:This site requires JavaScript to work properly. Please enable JavaScript in your browser for a better shopping experience. Blade HQ uses cookies to provide you a better user experience.

Why choose Microtech Knives?

First and foremost was manufacturing the finest possible product in the world. Dedication and a commitment to quality put Microtech knives on the map not long after Tony first introduced the HALO line in 1995. HALO stands for High-Altitude, Low Open.

What is a halo knife?

The HALO is in a category of knives known as Out-The-Front (OTF), which, just as stated, means the knife blade deploys directly out of the handle by way of a compressed spring. In today’s parlance, these kinds of knives are known as “automatic,” where in the past they might have been called “switchblade” knives.