Should prisoners be given the opportunity to get an education debate?

If the criminals in prison are provided with education and work skills, their life could turn towards a better and crime free future. Education may help them to become responsible citizens. Thus, efforts should be put in to provide opportunity of learning and education to even the criminals in prisons.

Who is the biggest drug lord in UK?

Curtis Warren
Born Curtis Francis Warren 31 May 1963 Toxteth, Liverpool, England
Other names Cocky
Criminal status In prison
Criminal penalty Juvenile crime: borstal Armed robbery: 5 years Shipment of drugs to the Netherlands: 12 years Manslaughter: 4 years Conspiracy to smuggle cannabis: 13 years

Who is pancake in Liverpool?

A Liverpool gangster masterminded an “underworld” revenge attack on an amateur boxer who knocked him out in a prison brawl. James “Pancake” Taylor enlisted two cronies to help him carry out the vicious armed attack on Lee Siner at a city centre kebab house.

Who is Huyton firm?

Founded in the late 1990s, the drug gang became known as the ‘Huyton firm,’ which was a loose association of individuals and families linked to a highly lucrative drug supply business.

Who did the Krays fear?

Steve Tully, 59, plucked up the courage to approach Reginald Kray when he was serving time with the notorious London gangster in Parkhurst and went on to rob and scam his way to fortunes.

Who was the worst gangster?

Al Capone

Who is the biggest gangster in UK?

1. The Kray twins. Ronnie and Reggie Kray, born on October 23 1933, are possibly the most notorious of London’s gangster history.

Did Reggie Kray consummate his marriage?

Ronnie and Reggie Kray were both gay and Ronnie never consummated his marriage, according to new claims made by an ex-enforcer for the pair. Frances, who was 16 when she met Reggie, married him in 1965 but two years after their wedding, she committed suicide aged 23.