What are examples of questions that can be tested with science?


  • How does a surface affect the rate it is warmed? What is tested?
  • Does the sun heat saltwater and freshwater at the same rate?
  • How does topography affect wind speed?
  • How does air temperature affect the rate of evaporation?
  • How does weather affect mood?
  • Which method is best for melting icy pavement?

What makes a question a testable scientific question?

A testable question is one that asks about objects, organisms, or events found in the world around us. It can be answered through experiment, observation, or other data collection by analyzing measurable data and evidence.

What are three important characteristics of a testable question?

Testable questions lead to scientific investigations that gather measurable evidence….Assessment:

  • Their answers depend on personal preference.
  • Their answers depend on moral values.
  • They relate to the supernatural.
  • They relate to phenomena that cannot be measured.

What does testable mean?

With respect to the scientific method, capable of being proven true or false. testable(Adjective) Capable of being devised, or given by will.

What is a good testable question for a science fair project?

Does the type of liquid affect how fast ice will melt? Does the type of shoe worn during a 20 yard dash affect the speed in which you can run? Does changing the size of a paper airplane affect how far it flies? How does the type of liquid affect how much a penny will corrode in 5 minutes?

What is the testable question format?

A testable question asks how one change (independent variable) has an effect on something else (dependent variable). In other words, testable questions look into how an independent variable (IV) affects a dependent variable (DV). Below are some example testable question formats: How does (IV) affect (DV) ?