What class should Donnel be?

Hero is probably the best class for him.

Is Donnel a good unit?

In conclusion, Donnel is perhaps one of the best units in Fire Emblem: Awakening since his growths are extremely above average. He can pass on his excellent growths to his child, so there’s that extra bit of power as well. Just remember that Donnel, for all of his perks, is still only a single unit.

How old is Donnel Fe?

And Donnel: 14 at the end of part 1, and 16 at the end of the game; considering he’s younger than Lissa and all.

What level does Donnel change class?

Classes Donnel can reclass to using a Second Seal after reaching Level 10: Mercenary – Paired with the Armsthrift skill, weapon usage will be prolonged with Donnel. Fighter.

Is Donnel good Feh?

This is a ranking page for the hero Donnel – Village Hero from the game Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH)….Donnel Rating and Basic Information.

Overall Rating 7.5/10
Ranking (including Inherit Skill) C (▶FEH Tier List)

How do you use Donnel?

How to Recruit Donnel

  1. Have three weaker characters attack the nearest enemy with the axe. You want a combination of attacks to reduce his HP to 3 or below, but not to kill him.
  2. Pair Donnel with a strong unit like Chrom and move up to attack and kill the enemy.
  3. Have Frederick kill the non-archer enemy.

When should I level up Donnel?

A Perfect Level Up is when you increase EVERY single stat upon leveling up. Here’s good example. Donnel’s base chance of leveling up HP is 85%, but his Aptitude skill increases that chance to 105%. So that means there’s a 100% chance that Donnel levels up his HP on every level up, but there’s more.

Who is Donnel in Fire Emblem Awakening?

Donnel, given the full name Donnel Tinhead in the localization, is a playable character in Fire Emblem Awakening . Donnel is a villager from Ylisse, and is a common young man who likes plowing fields.

How popular is Donnel from Fire Emblem Heroes?

Donnel came in 13th place for males in the Fire Emblem Heroes Choose Your Legends popularity poll. He had 10,479 votes. Donnel shares his English voice actor, Sam Riegel, with Stahl .

What level should I level Donnel?

So, Donnel will be a Level 1 Fighter whose effective level is 8. Basically, this works to prevent players from excessively grinding characters (not that it matters much in the long run anyway).

Where is dondonnel Fire Emblem Awakening?

Donnel (Japanese: ドニ Denis ), or Donny, is a character in Fire Emblem Awakening. He is a villager from a small island southeast of Ylisse .