What is a Cyclophyllidea cestodes in the family Taeniidae?

Tapeworms of the order Cyclophyllidea (the cyclophyllid cestodes) are the most important cestode parasites of humans and domesticated animals. All have multiple proglottid “segments”, and all have four suckers on their scolices (heads), though some may have other structures, as well.

How many intermediate hosts does Cyclophyllidea?

Overview. Cyclophyllidea cestodes have an indirect life cycle involving one or more intermediate hosts before developing into adult form in the definitive host.

What is a Proglottid segment?

Definition of proglottid : a segment of a tapeworm containing both male and female reproductive organs.

What is the infective stage of the first intermediate host of Cestoidea?

After ingestion by a suitable freshwater crustacean such as a copepod, the first intermediate host, they develop into procercoid larvae.

What is the difference between Cyclophyllidea and Pseudophyllidea?

Pseudophyllidean eggs are operculated, that is to say that they have lids. Further, the larvae that come out of these eggs have hair-like cilia. On the other hand, cyclophyllidea do not have operculated eggs and neither are their larvae ciliated.

What family is the tapeworm in?

Taenia (tapeworm)

Class: Cestoda
Order: Cyclophyllidea
Family: Taeniidae
Genus: Taenia Linnaeus, 1758

Is Dipylidium Caninum zoonotic?

(ingestion of eggs) and D. caninum (ingestion of infected fleas) are zoonotic to people. The prognosis for these tapeworm infections in dogs and cats is generally excellent.

What are the three types of Proglottids?

Thus, the three distinct proglottids are immature proglottids towards the neck, mature proglottids in the middle, and gravid proglottids at the posterior end. A hermaphroditic species, each mature proglottid contains a set of male and female reproductive systems.

How are Endoparasites transmitted?

Endoparasites are transmitted by the fecal-oral route, typically via contaminated food or water. Infection by Toxoplasma gondii is caused by ingestion of sporulated oocysts in cat feces or cyst-infected raw meat.

Which hatches from the egg of Pseudophyllidean?

latum, initial development takes place outside the body in water, after which the eggs hatch to release a free-swimming coracidium larva. In time, the coracidium is ingested by a small crustacean called a copepod and then develops into a procercoid larva within the copepod’s tissues.