What is famous food in Taiwan?

15 Best Taiwanese Foods & Dishes

  • Slender Noodles with Oysters.
  • Deep-fried Chicken with Seasoning.
  • Ice Mango and Sago.
  • Oyster Omelet.
  • Pearl Milk Tea.
  • Braised Pork in Sliced Buns.
  • Hotpot.
  • Meatball Dumplings.

What is Taiwanese street food?

Kòng-Ôan, also known as bouncy meatballs, are typical Taiwanese street food items. These Taiwanese meatballs usually consist of highly seasoned, ground fatty pork mixture combined with chopped shiitake mushrooms, tapioca starch, baking powder, and egg whites.

Where is Taiwan located?


What is Taiwanese stinky tofu?

stinky tofu. showTranscriptions. Stinky tofu (Chinese: 臭豆腐; pinyin: chòu dòufu) is a Chinese form of fermented tofu that has a strong odor. It is usually sold at night markets or roadside stands as a snack, or in lunch bars as a side dish, rather than in restaurants.

What do people eat for lunch in Taiwan?

Lunchboxes are typically rice, vegetables, perhaps some tofu, and a chicken leg or pork chop. Noodles, on the other hand, could be anything from cold noodles with peanut sauce to the world-famous Taiwanese beef noodles. While you might ordinarily consider a noodle dish a light meal, Beef noodles are anything but.

What is food from Taiwan called?

Regional specialities

Region Dish Taiwanese Hokkien (Tâi-lô)
Chiayi/Tainan Coffin bread koann-chhâ-páng
Daxi Daxi dried tofu Tāi-khe tāu-koaⁿ
Hsinchu pork balls kòng-ôan
Hsinchu rice vermicelli bí-hún

How to take a Wulai day trip from Taipei?

Taking a Wulai day trip from Taipei is extremely easy, thanks to Taiwan’s fantastic transportation system. You can quickly get to Wulai by using the public bus. But if you prefer driving, you could easily reach Wulai by car or scooter, too. In fact, some people even cycle here.

What to eat&drink in Wulai?

Mua-ji is another popular snack in Wulai. It is actually made of glutinous rice flour mixed with water and them steamed into a sticky and chewy rice cake. Usually we will let the mua-ji cool and then coat it with chopped peanuts before serving. (I’m hoping to make and share the recipe here one day!) Yummy snack!

What is the meaning of “Wulai”?

Wulai (烏來) is a popular mountain village located in North of Taiwan, outside of Taipei main city, with majority of the residents being aboriginal people of the Atayal Tribe (泰雅族). The village is named after “ulai”, a term in the Atayal language, which meant hot spring, hence this place is extremely popular for hot springs.

What to do in Wulai?

Like most places in Taiwan, food is another attraction in Wulai. On our way to Wulai, our taxi driver requested us to try the sausages that are sold on the streets. Apparently, Wulai sausages are quite famous. And I agree with him, they were delicious!