What is on Sky History channel tonight?

Sky History HDTV

Time TV Show
3:00 pm Pawn Stars Shooting Pawns – Season 15 Episode 38
4:00 pm History’s Greatest Mysteries Endurance: The Hunt For Shackleton’s Ice Ship – Season 1 Episode 1
6:00 pm American Pickers Pick This Way – Season 10 Episode 16
7:00 pm Forged in Fire The Tizona Of El Cid – Season 7 Episode 14

What number is Sky History channel?

Sky: Sky HISTORY: HD 123 and 223 (+1) / SD: 825. Watch on demand on Sky Go.

Is the History channel available in the UK?

On 26 October 2006, History Channel HD launched in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

What was on Sky Witness last night?

Sky Witness

Time TV Show
2:00 pm Blue Bloods Redemption – Season 11 Episode 8
3:00 pm Paramedics: Life on the Line
4:00 pm Stop, Search, Seize
5:00 pm Border Security

What channel is history on?

History (American TV network)

Dish Network 120
DirecTV 269 (SD/HD)
DirecTV Caribbean 756
C-Band AMC 18-Channel 258 (H2H 4DTV)

Is Sky history the same as History Channel?

The History channel is being rebranded as Sky HISTORY, and will be relaunching with several new documentaries featuring the likes of William Shatner, Jeff Daniels and many more.

How can I watch History Channel?

Download the HISTORY App for your iOS or Android device. Watch your favorite HISTORY shows and content on your iPad, iPhone or Android device with the Webby Award-winning HISTORY app. Get free access to full episodes, clips and topical videos, all available whenever and wherever you want.

What is the number of The History Channel?

What number is the History Channel on DIRECTV?

Channel Channel Number
The History Channel 269

What is the channel number for History Channel?

Whats on Sky Witness right now?

Sky Witness today Find out what’s on TV.

  • 6:00am. Nothing to Declare. Series 4 Episode 17.
  • 6:30am. Nothing to Declare. Series 4 Episode 18.
  • 7:00am. Nothing to Declare. Series 4 Episode 19.
  • 7:30am. Nothing to Declare. Series 4 Episode 20.
  • 8:00am. Border Patrol.
  • 8:30am. Border Patrol.
  • 9:00am. Send in the Dogs UK.
  • 10:00am. Law & Order.

Can you watch Sky Witness on Freeview?

Adding channels to Freeview TV For less than £10 a month, you can watch 14 pay TV channels: Sky Atlantic. Sky Max. Sky Witness.