What is the longest mountain bike race in the world?

Birkebeinerrittet is the world’s largest MTB event, and more than 17 000 bikers participate in the 94 km race every year. Birkebeinerrittet is the world’s largest MTB event, and more than 17 000 bikers participate in the 94 km race every year.

What category climb is Whiteface mountain?

Whiteface Mountain climb via Wilmington | 12.6 km | 1396 m | 8.5% – Climbbybike.

What should I bring to a mountain bike race?

Warm weather

  • 1 back protector vest or armored backpack (mandatory for most enduros)
  • 1 pair of kneepads (mandatory for most enduros)
  • 1 full face helmet (mandatory for most enduros)
  • 2 jerseys (add a third if you plan to podium)
  • 1 pair of MTB shoes.
  • 2 pairs of liner shorts.
  • 2 pairs of gloves.
  • 3 pairs of socks.

Can you bike up Whiteface?

Whiteface Mountain is the hardest bike climb in New York State and the #42 hardest in the US. Ride from quaint Wilmington in upstate New York past Santa’s Village, through the toll gate, up a pristine roadway with views of Lake Placid to the Summit Castle.

How long does it take to hike Whiteface Mountain?

roughly 7 to 8 hours
It is a popular mountain to visit in the winter, by foot, by ski, and by board. The most popular winter trailhead hikers can access is via the Wilmington Trail from the Atmosphere Science Research Center. This is a 7.2 mile hike round trip that takes roughly 7 to 8 hours to complete in winter conditions.

What do I need for enduro racing?

To race enduro competitively, you’ll want a full-suspension bike with at least 140mm of travel, and up to 170mm of travel. There’s nothing in the rules to stop you using a hardtail mountain bike or lightweight cross-country bike but you’ll find it hard work on the descents.

What is the longest cycling race?

the Trans-Siberian Extreme
The Tour de France is the toughest race in cycling, but even the iconic French spectacle has to doff its cap to the Trans-Siberian Extreme – the longest bike race in the world.

How many miles is the Whiteface uphill bike race?

The 2019 Whiteface Uphill Bike Race will be held on Friday, May 31 at 5:30 p.m. If you like a challenge, this is the course for you. This USATF certified course covers 11 miles over an 8 percent grade up Whiteface Mountain’s scenic Veteran’s Memorial Highway.

Where is the start and finish line for the Whiteface ski race?

The starting line is at the Whiteface Mountain Ski Center and the finish line is at the castle on the summit of Whiteface. Helmets are required. Each participant is responsible for their own transportation down the mountain at the close of the race.

What makes the Whiteface winter race so special?

The race starts and finishes at Whiteface Mountain Ski Resort, featuring a mix of rugged backcountry roads, stretches of flowing and smooth singletrack, fast descents over ski trails and plenty of climbing.

Can Wilmington Whiteface help you get into the LT100?

All entries into the LT100 are non-refundable and non-transferrable. Wilmington Whiteface could not only gain you entry into the LT100 MTB, but it could also boost your corral starting position! Rider starting positions are organized in color-coded corrals.