What is the meaning of industrial visit?

Industrial visit is a part of professional (mostly engineering / MBA / Diploma ) courses, during which students visit companies and get insight of on the internal working environment of the company. Industry visits sensitize students to the practical challenges that organizations face in the business world.

What are disadvantages of industries?

The biggest disadvantage of industries is that it leads to increase in pollution as many units emit poisonous gases which over the years have turned out to be the major cause behind global warming.

What can we learn from industrial visit?

Industrial visits offer a great source to gain practical knowledge. Students can observe and learn as to how theatrical concepts are put to into action, thereby aiding their practical learning. Students are exposed to real working environment and shown how things are done in an organisation.

What questions should be asked in industrial visit?

If you spend time in a factory visit, don’t just record the information given to you. Prepare your questions!…Questions about top management and their priorities

  • When was the factory started?
  • Is the factory profitable?
  • What is the latest investment made in the factory, and how much did it cost?

Why industrial visits are important?

The main reason behind this, it lets student to know things practically through interaction, working methods and employment practices. Moreover, it gives exposure from academic point of view. Main aim of industrial visit is to provide an exposure to students about practical working environment.

How do I make an industrial visit report?

How to Write an Industrial Visit Report

  1. Introduction. Here you write the preliminary information about the event — who proposed and organized it, full designation of the facility you’ve visited and the name of your college and department.
  2. Details of Journey/Work Plan.
  3. Detailed Descriptions.
  4. Travel Details.
  5. Students’ Feedback.

What is the negative effect of industrialization?

Industrialization is the transformation of a society from agrarian to a manufacturing or industrial economy. Industrialization contributes to negative externalities such as environmental pollution. Separation of capital and labor creates a disparity in incomes between laborers and those who control capital resources.

How it is beneficial for future industrial visit?

Industry visits help enhance interpersonal skills and communication techniques. Students become more aware of industry practices and regulations during industry visits. Industry visits broaden the outlook of students with exposure to different workforces from different industries.

How do you write a customer visit report?

To start the Customer Visit Report document, you need to state the name of the company that you have visited and add a one or two-liner describing the customer’s nature of business, their industry and other interesting info about the customer. Your Sales Team or Support Team will be a good information source.

What is the purpose of a site visit?

The objective of a site visit is to verify and supplement information presented in the self-study report. Site visits are made only with the concurrence of the administration of the college and its parent institution.

How do you put industrial visit on a resume?

Don’t include an industrial visit until and unless it’s a big thing. Going to a factory, for instance won’t count. However, if there’s something really big , just mention in a single statement the place you visited and what was so extraordinary about it.

What are the advantages of industries?

  • Growth of industries leads to increase in production of goods and services which are available to people at cheaper rates.
  • It reduces dependence on other countries and improves economy.
  • It results in rising the standard of living.
  • It creates new job opportunities helping in the removal of unemployment.

How do I write a letter to an industrial visit?

Tips for writing a permission letter for industrial visit

  1. Introduce your school to the relevant authority.
  2. Mention precisely the purpose of the industrial visit.
  3. Describe how the visit relates to the curriculum.
  4. Give the number of students and teacher who will attend.
  5. Mention other relevant details like the students’ grade.

What are the disadvantages of factories?


  • Intensive farming doesn’t take animal welfare into its profit equation.
  • Greenhouse gas emissions are significant from factory farms.
  • Animals on factory farms have their movements restricted.

How do you write a visit report format?

Start your visit report with an area emphasizing typical data such as the name of the site, address, contact person, arrival, and purpose and objectives of the visit. Write an introduction telling the organization you visited. Mention who are those you interacted while on site.