When was arisaka made?

The Arisaka rifle (Japanese: 有坂銃, romanized: Arisaka-jū) is a family of Japanese military bolt-action service rifles, in production and use since approximately 1897, when it replaced the Murata rifle (村田銃, Murata-jū) family, until the end of World War II in 1945.

What does Arasaka mean?

So for Arasaka, the saka would likely be 坂 meaning “hill”); while the Ara could mean a lot of things: 粗 (ara) means flawed, but as a prefix can mean crude or rough (as in lacking refinement). So if its properly represented as 粗坂, it could mean “unrefined or unfinished hill”. 嵐 (ara) means storm/tempest.

What caliber is a Type 38 arisaka?

The design was adopted by the Imperial Japanese Army in 1905 (the 38th year of the Meiji period, hence “Type 38”)….

Type 38 rifle
Cartridge 6.5×50mm Arisaka 7.62×39mm (post-war Chinese modified)
Caliber 6.5 mm 7.62 mm
Action Bolt action
Rate of fire 10-15 rounds per minute

What does arisaka mean in Japanese?

The family name 有坂 (Arisaka) means “having a slope, possessed of an incline”. 有 is a common first kanji in family names. 坂 is obviously a reference to a natural place or geological setting, and these kinds of references are perhaps even more common than 有 in Japanese family names.

What Arisaka means?

Definition of Arisaka : any of a series of bolt-action rifles of about .

What is Militech?

Militech is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of weapons and military vehicles, with facilities on every continent. Militech provides equipment for hundreds of nations as well as both private and governmental organizations, especially the NUSA military and police forces.

Is the arisaka a good rifle?

Both types of Arisaka rifles made before and during the war were of good quality. They were as reliable and rugged as any five-shot bolt-action rifle used by Japan’s Western counterparts.

What is 38 in Japanese?

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What was the standard WWII Japanese rifle?

WWII Japanese Army Arisaka Rifle – 1 – The Arisaka rifle was the standard weapon for the Imperial Japanese Army. Arisaka Rifle is a family of Japanese military bolt-action rifles, in production from approximately 1898 until the end of World War II in 1945.

What is a Type 38?

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