Where are alpha Quillbacks?

To find the Alpha Quillback Spines, travel to The Western Approach and head to Nazaire’s Pass, Old Prison Road, and The Canyons.

Where can I find Quillbacks?

Quillbacks are a four-legged beaked creature found roaming the desert landscape of the Western Approach in western Orlais. Its body is burgundy in color, with feathers protruding from along the spine.

How do I beat emissary Alpha?

It’s a long fight session with no save available and then you have the alpha to deal with. When he throws up his super barrier, use dispel twice and then you can whack at his health immediately.

Are ogres Qunari?

Ogres are born from broodmothers who were once female Qunari. This is believed to be the result of a colony of Kossith having settled in the southern Korcari Wilds before having been overrun by the darkspawn, resulting in the creation of the first ogres.

Where do I build Artificer tools?

requisition table
Craft the tools at any requisition table and return to Three-Eyes to complete the quest and learn the Artificer specialization.

Where is obsidian in the hinterlands?

Found in the Hinterlands (Blood Cliffs, Hafter’s Woods), Crestwood, Emerald Graves and the Exalted Plains.

How do you lure a dragon Quillback?

So the trick to this is:

  1. Go to the spot your quest indicate.
  2. Find that quillback that wanders that area. It is the only that spawns in that area, and it is the only one with chance of dropping intestine.
  3. Save your game once you find it.
  4. Kill it, if it does not have your intestine, load your file and kill it again.

Where do I find Crystal Grace?


  • Random loot from sacks.
  • Found in the Hinterlands: Two nodes in the cave located in Wolf Hollow; see side quest Trouble with Wolves.
  • Found in the Emerald Graves: Two nodes inside Villa Maurel, located in the surrounding foliage area of the Courtyard.
  • Available at the Winter Palace Merchant for 39.