Where is Sergio Pizzorno from?

Newton Abbot, United KingdomSergio Pizzorno / Place of birthNewton Abbot is a market town and civil parish on the River Teign in the Teignbridge District of Devon, England. Its 2011 population of 24,029 was estimated to reach 26,655 in 2019. It grew rapidly in the Victorian era as the home of the South Devon Railway locomotive works. Wikipedia

Is Serge Pizzorno married?

Amy WhiteSergio Pizzorno / Spouse (m. 2016)

How old is Serge Pizzorno?

41 years (December 15, 1980)Sergio Pizzorno / Age

What band is Serge in?

KasabianSince 1997
The S.L.P.Loose Tapestries
Sergio Pizzorno/Music groups

How tall is Sergio Pizzorno?

6′ 6″Sergio Pizzorno / Height

Looking as if he’s arrived straight from Zumba class in cropped trousers, trainers, and baggy tee, Pizzorno launches his 6ft 4in frame into the air athletically for the cliff-edge drops of Bumblebee and Fast Fuse. Perhaps appropriately for the raver’s choice of rock band, he does a whole lot of dancing.

Does Tom rejoin Kasabian?

In a statement at the time, the band said: “Tom Meighan is stepping down from Kasabian by mutual consent. “Tom has struggled with personal issues that have affected his behaviour for quite some time and now wants to concentrate all his energies on getting his life back on track. “We will not be commenting further.”

How tall is Sergio Lorenzo Pizzorno?

6′ 6″Sergio Pizzorno / Height

What nationality is Serge from Kasabian?

BritishSergio Pizzorno / Nationality

Are Kasabian looking for a new singer?

Kasabian are lining up a replacement singer, after kicking Tom Meighan out of the group following his assault conviction. He confirmed he had upcoming plans with Kasabian when he signed to new publishing label B-Unique in July.

Who is front man of Kasabian?

Tom MeighanKasabian / Lead singer
Last July, Tom Meighan was sacked as Kasabian’s singer the day before his conviction for assault against his partner, Vikki Ager.

Why did Chris Karloff leave Kasabian?

During the recording of Kasabian’s second album, Empire, Christopher Karloff, one of the band’s chief songwriters, had “artistic and creative differences” and was asked to leave the band, according to the band’s website, although there is evidence to suggest that he left due to personal circumstances.

Who fronts Kasabian now?

Serge Pizzorno
The new material comes as guitarist and songwriter Serge Pizzorno has taken over as the band’s frontman from Meighan, who left Kasabian after he was convicted of assaulting his girlfriend in 2020. ‘ALYGATYR’ is written by Pizzorno and produced by him alongside Fraser T Smith.