Who is Raj Kalesh?

Raj Kalesh is an Indian magician, chef, TV host, stage choreographer and performer, from the city of Trivandrum, Kerala. He is best known for his cookery shows and magic shows on television. He has been the host of various shows for national channels, but almost all channels in Malayalam.

What is Krishnendu Kalesh’s vision as a filmmaker?

As Prappeda is all set to premiere at Rotterdam later this month in the ‘Bright Future’ category , Krishnendu Kalesh talks about his first movie and his vision as a filmmaker. Krishnendu Kalesh’s Prappeda deals with themes of war, migration and politics of hatred metaphorically.

Who is Kalesh Kumar?

Kalesh started as a designer in C-DIT (Centre for Development of Imaging Technology), and traces his passion for filmmaking to the time he first started watching world cinema at IFFK (International Film Festival of Kerala) in 2003. His passion gradually became his profession, with short film Karinchathan being his first work.

Who is Divya Kalesh?

His wife Divya Kalesh was the producer of the show, who worked with the same television channel. He is the winner of two Kerala state awards for the best television presenter and has also won the Asian Television Awards for the year 2010.